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    Nope, he ended up binning the phone. Thinking on who was to blame for this started widening--the phone was through Optus, he'd had some issues with his original one so they swapped it out for the one he had issues with. So maybe he inherited someone elses' problem? Factory reset doesn't clear this shit.
    I have a Note Edge ( same as his) sitting in a drawer with a cracked screen, was considering swapping his digitizer and screen onto mine to make one good phone out of two. Just haven't got around to it.
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      "Some people are like clouds. When they disappear it's a beautiful day"


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        You would have to be an idiot/moron.... to think you are safe.

        ANY MOBILE phone has GPS.....track me...find me....gimme a quicker way to work...

        Even when it's turned OFF... it is waiting to send you a 'happy time' reminder that all your worries are over...!!!!

        "Get to work faster... no traffic holdups" " Find a quicker route" fine for guys' chicks hate it.....

        Where'is the best ___ Place to eat?? " place to find the best place to eat? " etc etc etc..

        All phones...have remote or otherwise... ?

        Wanna bet.. turn phone off.... turn phone on... did it vibe..? yup.... know where you

        Just so I ( App ) can help you have a better life.

        See you recent browser history?? Ebay Purchase?? log on to PSB..?

        be afraid.....or get the fuk on with it..;-)

        Oh yeh ...and whether you want it or not all your devices talk to each other... don't need to have bluetooth.... or conectivity.....Oh Wai....."Favourites " just took on a whole new
        " Imagination is the seed of life..."