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Other than bikes, what are your hobbies?

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    Thank you I have been doing it since I was about 16 a long time ago.
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      Originally posted by Marty MOOSE View Post
      Cycling lots
      I pretty much switched to another form of two wheels when i sold my trackbike in 2009, havnt ridden a motorbike since then.

      First it was just another reason to tinker, restore, strip and flip and repeat the process of old school steel bicycles, then i finally started to actually ride.

      Now its 3-4 days commuting into the city, and an early sunday morning ride, either hitting the trails down in kalamunda on the mtb or the usual city loops or hill rides on the road bike. Sometimes add the occasional night ride river loop during the summer evenings

      With two young kids my weekends are pretty much non existent as they're filled with ferrying kids from one activity to the next.
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        Fishing. From a boat. Being in a boat. On the water. Preferably the ocean. And preferably blue ocean. And photography. Some of this can be seen here and at random places, like here scroll down, it gets better as I improve.
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