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  • Who lives on acreage?

    I am an obsessive, plan-everything kinda guy.

    Of late Ms boeman and I have been discussing the big things in life. Marriage, kids and how hot to order our nandos.

    Among these things, where to live long term. I will either keep the current place or sell, not so fussed. I love the idea of living on acreage (Stoneville and north to Brigadoon kinda area). Recently reinforced on a trip to NSW where my aunty lives on a large property.

    So, people who do or who have lived in such places, what is it REALLY like long term? I can cope with heat, cold and working on the property. Driving isn't an issue, I quite enjoy it. Are snakes a common occurence(Ms boemans largest issue)? Were your dogs, if any, trained to stay near the house or did you create a fenced run? What am I missing, since it all looks pretty awesome.
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    See a snake every now and again, manageable risk
    Dogs contained within an electric fence system, pretty easy

    Things I've learnt

    Crime, easy targets as low population density though the risk can be managed
    Can be windy as hell, you get some weather extremes on the hill
    Doesn't really take a lot to maintain the bush, firebreaks etc
    Increased fire risk, again risk can be managed to a point with some common sense

    I love it I've no intention of going back to suburbia


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      I've always wanted to live on an acreage. But never have.

      We have three kids. Biggest issue for the other half was always the schools. In the burbs you can get your kids into some great free public primary and high schools. Mrs grew up in the Wheatbelt and didn't want our cherubs going to similar schools that she went to. Paying for private school for three kids just so we can live on an acreage would be expensive and a poor use of funds IMO. There also aren't many options out that way that don't involve a lot of travel. And then there is the travel for work on top of that.

      Personally I figure my kids would likely turn out a bit more robust if challenged in an outer burbs public school system. This issue has caused quite a lot of conflict in our marriage actually but of course she won - what other outcome was ever going to happen? So I'm still stuck in the burbs...


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        Grew up on 6.5 acres in Stoneville...

        The occasional snake...

        As Lee said the electric collar fences are awesome, get one on the dog now on half acre with no fences...

        Depending on where you are you can't just pop down to the shops...


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          Originally posted by Rich... View Post
          Depending on where you are you can't just pop down to the shops...
          That's a good point depending on the area
          We're lucky in that there is a local shop/servo/bottleshop 5 mins away
          Bigger shops are 20 minutes each way, though I go past them every day so easy enough to pop in and get something if needed
          Works well for us

          Daily commute is about 40-50 minutes on 4 wheels
          Less on 2 wheels
          It's about the same as when I was living in Ellenbrook


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            i have my nandos very hot
            Atlas Performance, dyna pumps, " your name goes here"


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              I do, love it and would really struggle to go back to suburbia.

              You just have to plan ahead a little for shopping etc as Rich said you can't always just pop to the shops but you pass plenty on the way home. We have an IGA,bottle shop and little hardware about 7 mins away all open 7 days except public holidays the IGA is shut.

              We have horses so when I was setting up the fencing I added a hotwire down low for the dogs, one zap and they respect fences well. Our dogs can wander around about 3.5 acres but hang around the house most of the time.

              We have been on ours for almost 10 years and seen 2 snakes. My biggest gripe lately is the damn roos jumping into eat in our paddocks and damaging the fences.

              Depending where your family lives and if you are planning kids its good and bad, we just got our 3yo a pony so she is happy as can be but our family is over an hour away so having a baby sitter isn't always an option from family but we have met some very good friends in the area who help.

              Being "isolated" I've found most of our neighbours are really good and everyone keeps an eye on each others places pretty well.


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                Sounds as though most things have been covered, we first made the move out of the burbs onto something fairly small (1 acre) in Stoneville some 20 something years ago, then moved onto ten and have been here for 15/16 years.

                Couple of things that haven't been mentioned , obviously depending on where you go, you may have no mains water and no mains gas.
                We have a water tank (no water rates and great tasting water, bonus) and use gas bottles for the stove.
                Be prepared to be chopping fire wood every year for your heating, I love our wood fire but sometimes think I miss the convenience of that
                "click click click" of a gas fire lol.

                If your seriously thinking about it boeman, I can't see you regretting it.

                Don't forget your going to need to get yourself a rocking chair, shotgun and banjo for the porch!


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                  Originally posted by duc13 View Post
                  If your seriously thinking about it boeman, I can't see you regretting it.
                  Going up to Brigadoon tomorrow to pick up my mixer from my mate now that his house is complete, so going to take Ms boeman with me to give her a taste of it all.

                  I know I wouldn't regret it. I either want a place up around the Lancelin/Cervantes area as a holiday home, or acreage within 45mins of Perth CBD. I love the outdoors. Ms boeman enjoys it, but is a little more timid and thinks the wild will eat her alive.

                  Plus I think a lot of the areas offering what I want, are good value. There is one particular block in Brigadoon for $370k that I think I could build on fairly cheap.


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                    We're up in Brigadoon and absolutely love it.
                    Be careful if you're buying here as the cost for site works is much higher, especially if there is granite, so best to get some insight from a siteworks company to get a rough guide. (We used SCM who were great).
                    We are 30 mins from work and do the same as rgvlee where we stop for essentials on our way home. Being able to see the stars at night is probably my favourite part, and the quiet. Such a gorgeous place to live, and being horse owners it's nice and close to the State Equestrian Centre.
                    We've seen one snake in nearly 3 years but loads of bobtails, a friendly wild emu and even a resident echidna at our place.
                    We would never move back to suburbia now, love our space too much
                    There are some slightly smaller blocks in Baskerville (next suburb over) which are 2.5 acres from memory and quite nice if that's of interest as well.
                    Gone but never forgotten
                    Rest peacefully mate x


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                      Driving through Colorado early last year, seeing the farmhouses and barns spotted every few miles along wooded mountainsides, a piece of me died inside knowing I had to go back to suburbia. Like you, it's a fantasy that plays out perfectly in my head, but I know it wouldn't be all smooth sailing. I'll probably still shitpost on the internet, play video games and watch netflix no matter where I live... but I like to entertain the idea of 'wandering' aimlessly across streams and through forests with loyal canine companions by my side, plinking fallen acorns, then stumbling upon a hidden waterfall where I can wash away my sins


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                        i'm up in the hills , won't change it.

                        as mentioned, kangaroos are a bigger problem than snakes. Buggers keep coming through my fence.
                        Hoons are an issue , but as the vacant lots have slowly been built on, the hooning has slowed.

                        I drive home 'the long way' as it feels like i'm in the country and helps me mentally shut off from my job. Going to work is no issue.

                        When we built, the site works near killed us and visually you wouldn't see much drama. Clay, granite and a slope cost me pretty.

                        Fire danger is no issue, we are aware and well setup.

                        most of all, I love not looking out my kitchen window to see the neighbour looking back at me. That and we have a view that works for me. I'm slowly looking to that rocking chair.


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                          Originally posted by welby View Post
                          i'm up in the hills , won't change it.

                          I'm slowly looking to that rocking chair.
                          Once you get that chair , I recommend a "deering" banjo, excellent sound quality with a real hillbilly twang.

                          If your in need of some good chewing tobacco, just give us a shout.


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                            Originally posted by duc13 View Post
                            Once you get that chair , I recommend a "deering" banjo, excellent sound quality with a real hillbilly twang.
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                            Originally posted by Phildo
                            Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
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                            i'll pretend you didn't know she was 13

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                              Originally posted by Para045 View Post
                              Great movie, love the dual banjo & guitar scene.

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