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my walls keep on shocking me!

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    Jokes aside, static shocks with the cheap hard-wearing nylon carpet fitted to most dongas are very common. HOWEVER, it should never be dismissed as 'just static". And if you have a vinyl floor, static is not likely. As someone else said, test from frame to an independent earth with a low impedance(Z) voltmeter. It must be low Z, a normal voltmeter will give you an erroneous reading, in that the Low Z meter more closely approximates the impedance of the human body, and hence a more accurate reading of what you are likely to "feel".. you will need a sparky who understands this, it should really be referred to the Stat electrical supervisor on your site. And yes, it should have already been reported , and you should have presented at the EMO's for an ECG.
    Reasons? Poor neutral main connection somewhere, low resistance to earth in an appliance, non-compliant earthing configuration, the list goes on. If generators are involved, common to find fuck-ups unless the sparkies really understand what is required, and so many just do not.
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