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    Originally posted by keys View Post
    Silly bugger it's $2000 for her and $2000 toys/tools for me ,
    Pfffft, your doing it wrong. $1000 for a second hand one with extras.

    That's now $3000 for toys 😂


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      Defo go second hand


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        We love ours, but you got to commit to use it. Helps heaps with making food for our dog too. Cook the rice, dice the chicken and veggies and freeze it in portions. (Yes, our dog eats better than me at times!)

        There are loads of easy to follow recipes online. They have hundreds of fb groups for advice too. It's easy to clean and you can cook a whole dinner in one go with the optional extras.

        What I find annoying at times is the amount of noise when you're chopping stuff, but no more than any other kitchen gadget. We never had any issues and I would recommend it, especially if you're not a fan of cookin....
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          Originally posted by Rich... View Post
          A $2,000 machine to boil eggs...
          Is that bad?


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            For similar money - I chose something else...

            Made yogurt today, bolognese the other day, sausages a couple of weeks ago, home-minced beef, pasta extruded thru bronze die...

            ... pizza dough, and home baked bread every now and then.

            Also will sous-vide to about 2 degree accuracy, and do a perfect silky scrambled egg while you wait


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              I was very hesitant on the price so told the missus to earn it.
              She became a consultant, met heaps of people, sold like 10 of the things, paid for the machine and heaps of the thermoservers etc and stuff.
              Good for making yoghurt, very cheap. If you used I for just that it would pay for itself.


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                Ours goes alright.
                Couldnt say no to her about the 2k or whatever price, seeing as just beforehand I had dropped 7k on a new V8 crate motor for my project car..


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                    Leash tells me she built kitchen with power point in mind for WHEN she gets one. Maybe I should lend her one of mine so you can see not just egg boiler

                    - - - Updated - - -

                    Shit been so long since I been on psb o forgot how to reply to rich's msg


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                      Originally posted by dwillia View Post

                      not many real chefs would actually use them in real kitchens - and even then it could be for sauces not real food prep
                      My sister is a food critic and a cookbook test cooker.

                      She says she loves hers.
                      It's a handy tool in the kitchen to help you prepare food and lowers your storage requirements.
                      As an example. You only need to keep almonds.
                      The thermomix will turn those almonds into slithers, chopped and even almond meal.
                      So instead of having four (tupperware) containers just for almonds, she has only one.
                      And that spreads across all the grains and additions you keep in the cupboards.

                      She said that the chefs she knows use the thermomix for prepping the things that the thermomix does(??) while they prep the rest.

                      It just becomes a handy tool in the kitchen when you constantly make complicated dishes.

                      Do i have one?

                      Would i have one?

                      I'd go with [MENTION=17857]Skut[/MENTION]'s suggestion, (or [MENTION=11297]agrid[/MENTION]'s).

                      i love cooking simple foods, and i think it would just take up valuable bench space.


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                        Gave in. Bought one.

                        Fark me.

                        Best. Kitchen. Tool. Ever.

                        Fuck. Its got me looking forward to cooking.

                        *Hollandaise rocks.
                        *Hungarian Goulash rocks.
                        *Thai Chicken Curry Rocks.

                        Easy as fuck. Just add ingredients and the fucker weighs it, chops it cooks it.

                        Ultimate bachelor machine.

                        Anyone want a new thread -

                        "The Gippo Thermomix experiment"?
                        Its all good on Ducati's


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                          Does it make WD40?

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                            Inox soup.


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                              Obligatory "Hot Wet Rice Machine!"