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First muscle gain supplement recommendation?

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  • First muscle gain supplement recommendation?

    So says health area so thought I'd ask for some advice incase theirs some gym peeps on board.

    I'm not allowed to do a lot of motions with my shoulder as it's primarily held together with anchor points after a restabilisation. No push ups bench or above head as humorous moves across the metal in it and over time deforms the bone arthritis etc etc.

    Which means my bodies not being shaken up enough due to doing the same old boring workouts every single day. I've also been told I'm not allowed to increase the weight im lifting and should do more sets and reps instead. This is driving me crazy before my shoulder injury i had to add reinforcing pipe pieces on my bench due to thtashing it. I used go for 3-5 rep sets wanting as much weight on the bar as possible.

    I'm thinking I may add some more weight to the bar but not tell the physio but unsure lol.

    So at the moment I do the following with 30kgs on an ez curl bar.
    3 x 12 bicep curls
    3 x 10 bicep curls
    3 x 8 bicep curls

    3 x 20 dead lifts

    3 x 50 under leg half rows

    Then 15 kg dumb bell

    5 x 10 hammers

    10 kg dumb bell

    5 x 10 palm down bicep curls

    The numbers of reps have gone up since I've been allowed to work out again but haven't had any visual difference apart from the fact my right sides back up to the same size as my left. No more vein no more bulk.

    Working with the physio at the moment to see if I can continue onto any more exercises but a lot of my old favourites are out and never coming back. So I've started reading up on some suppliments to help with muscle mass but theirs so many conflicting views on them.

    I don't want to jump on a cycle as I know all the side effects and I dont think the mrs can handle me being any more touchy or frustrated then I currently am lol. If anyones got any advice on how to increase bicep size under these circumstances would be appreciated.

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    If the physio has said not to add more weight, don't add more weight. If you injure yourself further, you'll be even more limited in what you can do.

    More volume is the way to go, especially since that's what you've been told. It'll be slow going though, but at least it's something.

    Muscle mass supplements are just to help increase your calorie intake, as well as protein. Eat more, get bigger, just make sure you're eating right.


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      Yeah the eatings hard as ive lost a ridiculous amount of weight in the last year and I've been putting it back on in a bad way the last few months which is really upsetting. Walk 5 kms a morning and between that n weights works out to two straight hours of exercising every morning. Dont drink soft drink , juices etc barely eat sugary stuff and eat weetbix almost every morning. Bored eating like a mafucker due to not being able to find work I'm capable of.

      Need to get back down to target weight and then figure out what I can and can't eat I think and then try changing diet for mass.


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        Just FYI you're dedicating your entire workout to 33% of your arm muscle. That's not going to achieve much, if anything. If you want big biceps, you need more muscle. I'd wait out the apparent injury you're dealing with, then do a proper full body routine.


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          But if he wants to just increase his biceps, then spending the majority of his training on his arms is what he should be doing?


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            As a beginner, nobody should be isolating biceps like that. Even if their primary goal is just bigger biceps.

            You'll get just as much bicep growth out of compound exercises, and will work a whole lot of other muscles simultaneously. It will ensure everything stays more balanced (less chance of injury) and is far more time efficient.

            Deadlifts are good, but drop the reps down and crank the weight up. Try 3 sets of 5-8 reps, at a weight that makes the last set mildly challenging to finish. Increase weight in small steps though.

            Pull ups, either assisted, regular, or weighted

            Barbell rows

            Then finish off with some curls if you like

            Back on the mass supplement topic, all the "mass gain" supplements are is protein with added sugar and/or starch for extra calories. Not what you want if trying to lose weight.

            Edit: missed the part about your shoulder on my first half-asleep reply. Talk to your physio about which movements are ok, but I'd personally ignore the advice about limiting weight. Work up gradually, but if it feels ok it probably is. Approaching over-strain of metalwork in the body is usually really painful, as bone and metalwork stretch/flex at different rates under load.
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              Originally posted by INTJ View Post
              Just FYI you're dedicating your entire workout to 33% of your arm muscle. That's not going to achieve much, if anything. If you want big biceps, you need more muscle. .
              Like working the triceps? They have the potential to grow more than the biceps and give you big arms.

              As for the amount of reps being done.

              3 x 12 bicep curls
              3 x 10 bicep curls
              3 x 8 bicep curls

              So that's 9 sets in total? Isn't that going to lead to over training? The German technique asks for 10 sets? but that's divided into doing 5 in the morning and 5 at night.


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                Nah, that's standard volume for your average amateur bodybuilder.
                3 sets of 8-12 on 3 different exercises for the same body part using light-ish weight is pretty usual for BB routines.

                GVT does 10x10 as you say, often on more than one exercise, and is a different level entirely. I hadn't heard of it being split up into morning and afternoon sessions before, but I suppose that could help.

                Both those strategies are aimed purely at size. Strength gains will be better around the 5 rep range with heavier weight.


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                  Thanks for the replies guys. Physios saying pull ups push ups benches etc isnt coming back ever. 82% of the labrums anchored back in and the biceps stitched over the head with a couple tendon recos and i think 5? Ligament removals and sewn flush into the bicep humourous has been flattened off and have a 20c coin hole in the bone part of the socket. I did a pretty good job at it.

                  Im unsure about if I'm over training the bicep curls I dont honestly know much about training and theory never been in a gym apart from boxing when I was younger and it wasnt much to do with weights it was more the art of boxing.

                  Reason I'm trying to do biceps is i dont really know how to get my traps back as much and chest because of the limited amount of exercises they're saying I can do. And now that Ive lost weight my biceps are down to 16" and i got called "scrawny" recently and was a little upsetting. Thats why I want to get down to a lower bf to appear larger as i dont know how to get larger wuth them telling me I cant lift 2 5ths of fuck all.

                  The physio just kept telling me to not increase the weight and keep doing more reps and sets to exhaustion but I'll be honest with 35 kgs I cant get to exhaustion due to getting bored with how many sets I can crank out curling. Yeah the reps go down over a few sets the numbers arent always exact. Last night it was 15 , 15 , 14 , 12 , 12 , 11 , 10 ,10 then 8? I think. I just do sets without losing form as many as i can one set at a time I dont stop because I hit a number.

                  I do on the half rows as usually by 35-40 get arm pump like a motherfucker. And use the target number to fight through. The dead lifts i stick to the 20 as without working for two years my lower back strengths gone and i fond it very easy to over do dead lifts. Can crank out more or heavier but then the next day feel it badly. Even with the high numbers beforeinjury found the same issue that my lower back has a lot longer recovery rate to exhaustiom then the other parts of my upper body.

                  I used to do
                  3 x 5 135 kgs bench day 1
                  3 x 50 60 kgs bench day 2

                  3 x 10 80kg lat pull downs insides outsides then behind head 3 sets each

                  3 x 10 behind head upwards press 60kg

                  3 x 10 37.5kgs on those bicep curlers that would bolt and swing on the bench

                  3 x 10 100kg dead lift

                  3 x 10 80kg rows from memory.

                  I just chose the exercises I liked and kept going up and up in the weights until I couldn't go any further. Its hard with what the physio says I can do and cant. First one was like oh no you can't do any bicep curls at all when I was first out the sling. Then 2 weeks later the next physio found out I was doing 3 x 10 at 10 isolations and was like yeah good call that'll help with getting it even again as I lost 4" on it after 10 weeks in a sling. And now I'm with the third physio whos saying that the only exercises I was allowed to do for time being that I'd stated. Im not allowed to do full rows due to when it comes up to chest it starts putting to much pressure on the repair apparently.

                  She said she's going to have a think about any exercises they can add to my workout regime next month when I get my next appointment.


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                    Datsikk whats some tricep exercises you'd reccomend me looking up videos on man? I dont know what targets those buddy.


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                      If your shoulders are that fucked then just learn to swim.


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                        A few things.

                        Originally posted by Harrop.senator View Post
                        And now that Ive lost weight my biceps are down to 16" and i got called "scrawny" recently and was a little upsetting.
                        A 16" upper arm measurement is not 'scrawny' nor even remotely close to it.

                        2) Why don't you train your legs?

                        3) A significant proportion of the upper arm is your triceps. I understand the nature of your condition, but you are currently doing almost no exercises for them.

                        4) A "behind the head upwards press" (as you put it) is one of the worst exercises I can think of given the condition of your arm and shoulder.

                        5) You make no mention of your diet. Total kCals in, your macronutrient spread, and you're asking about supplements. You have it backwards.

                        Given all of the above..

                        6) Go see a personal trainer. Not some jacked 21 year old in a tight polo shirt who did a two month course, I mean a proper trainer with post-grad (university) qualifications and experience in exercise physiology and strength & conditioning. I can recommend several I used to work with who do amazing work at a high level training athletes and people with similar post-surgical conditions to yourself.


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                          Anything over 20 continuous reps will be light enough that it's probably not doing very much for size or strength.

                          As a general rule of thumb:
                          1-2 reps : Pretty much only neurological strength gains (your brain and nerves figuring out how best to extract the most power from your muscle tissue)
                          3-6 reps : Optimal range for strength - growth of mainly fast twitch muscle fibres
                          8-12 reps: Optimal range for size - growth of both types of muscle fibres along with supporting cell structures and blood vessels
                          15-20 reps: Less size, more endurance - growth of mainly slow twitch muscle fibres along with supporting structures and fine blood vessels
                          20+ reps: Pretty much only endurance training - little muscle fibre growth, some growth of supporting cell structures, mostly growth of more fine blood vessels to help keep the muscle working for longer periods

                          It sounds like some of the classic tricep exercises will be a no-go, like close-grip bench and skullcrushers

                          You can probably do tricep pushdowns on a cable machine though - they're basically the opposite of bicep curls - the cable handle (or rope) starts up high near your chest with your elbows bent, and you push it downward by extending your arms out straight, pretty much exactly the way you would lower the weight down when doing curls.


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                            This is why I dont do legs.

                            I lost a fight to a 4wd with a bullbar on a bike when I was a kid. Cant flex it enough to lunge or squat. Has a rebranched artery after a disconnection that leaks fluid and creates swelling where the curl pads sit and it hurts.

                            I was doing a lot of leg pressing when I could afford the gym membership but dont have a home system have been looking into fabricating one. I usually relied on riding bmx for leg muscles but cant atm due to my shoulders. My calves are still 19" and defined so havent really bothered to train them that much as im happy with them.

                            I've spoken to a couple personal trainers I know and all of them arent really keen due to being post injury and have told me to get the exercises I'm allowed from the physios.

                            Then some exercises physio said I could do surgeons then warned me off it saying I shouldnt be doing them with the condition. It's all very very confusing.

                            I dont over head press anymore as I'm not allowed to do anything above a flat extended out arm.

                            I will ask a friend on some tricep exercises and look some up on youtube. I've never really been to a personal trainer for weight lifting so all exercises are self taught hence not knowing exactly what muscle each one targets just used to do a circuit of same exercises everyday and now trying to learn some new ones that fit in.


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                              Thanks for that one house I'm looking at a higher end pulley door system for home as the one I've got doesnt have enough resistance. Have you ever tried a tower 2000? Do they have quite a high resistance suitable for muscle building exercises or still to light cable with actual weight on other end is only real way to build?