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First muscle gain supplement recommendation?

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    No idea sorry.

    I do all my training with free weights as I don't own a cable station. I get by with a power rack, moveable bench, rubber mats to deadlift from, and plenty of free weights.


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      Also Benzo sorry skipped the diet line. Im not sure on calories don't really know how to count them my diets the hardest part I've had a problem with over eating and bored eating since I was a child. Im not eating anything in particular at the moment for certain areas of growth just trying to neat excessively or badly. Eating in excess last few months has been a lot harder since giving up a few other addictions I find myself falling back into bad food habits.

      I usually eat 4-5 weetbix for breakfast before i go for my walk / weights then around mid morning either an apple or a banana lunch I try for salad sandwiches afternoon i try for another piece of fruit as a snack but if i end up wanting munchies its usually rice cakes , rice crackers or normal crackers with some cheese n tomato.

      Dinner ranges from all sorts but always try to have a few vegies with it whether it be meat n veg or pasta or rice dish. Unless its a friday nothings deep fried. No desert unless its friday.


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        Diet is a complex area, but from that description you probably need to try to include more protein sources - lean meats, fish, chicken, eggs, dairy. Quinoa (a type of grain) is decent too, but most plant based protein sources lack some of the necessary amino acids for making human muscle tissue. You can also consider supplementing with some whey protein or a blended whey/casein protein. Stay away from the "mass gain" formulas if trying to lose weight.


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          Dude go talk to a professional, you are so past general lifting advice from a motorcycle forum it's not funny.


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            Ive spoken to a few experts and keep getting conflicting results and being told to keep doing what I was doing and go up in reps as time went on. Hence why I was asking about suppliments as I was hoping I could take some stuff and continue doing exactly what Im doing and gain mass.

            Seems not. I'll see if I can find a personal trainer that specialises in post injury exercise.


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              Originally posted by nos View Post
              Dude go talk to a professional, you are so past general lifting advice from a motorcycle forum it's not funny.
              ^^^ What he said...

              In the interest of your quality of life indefinitely, time to get your head space squared away and realign your goals to match your situation. Accept that could mean abondoning strength training altogether.

              Of course you can throw that all to the wind and go for it, provided you have accepted where this ends, what it brings.

              You want:

              Nutribolics - Anabolic State (peach n mango best)

              Post workout:
              5gms of Creatine
              Genetix Nutrition 100% lean Whey (salted caramel rocks)
              1.5L of water daily
              Any Maxed out multivit.
              Conjugated Linoeic Acid

              Paleo diet. Remove yolks. Use Plant sterol milks/ butter.

              This is all you need / as far as you can go legally and safely.

              Workout for bicepts:

              Preacher bench: Light weight (no more than 20kg plus bar) 7 low side, stop middle. 7 high side, stop middle. 7 full range bicept curl.
              3 sets of.

              Every other week compound bicepts, repeat above but standing up without preacher. This may not be suitable for your situation.

              Report back. Good luck.
              Its all good on Ducati's