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    Anyone built a car pc? Or know how to?

    I have a mid 80's beemer and I want to have a carpc of some kind or at least a small screen to have digital real time monitoring of the car ie revs, speed, voltage, etc.
    And maybe multimedia too depending on inputs.

    I'm thinking arduino and/or raspberry Pi?



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    Raspi can run screens quite well and have "full" OS giving you plenty of software options.


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      On all the Subaru legacy ( Liberty ) forums, the hot ticket is to use a Nexus 7 ( 2nd gen - 2013 ). Google legacy Nexus 7 you'll get heaps of info about how to do it, what hardware and software to use, how to hook up your phone, reversing camera, radio, music, movies, cook dinner........

      I'm not that techo, but I'm going to have a crack at it. I really only want navigation and a reversing camera for the Missus, so not so complicated as some of the setups people are doing. Just picked up a bare sat nav surround so if it turns to crap I can put the original cubby back in, looking for a Nexus 7, then get the hardware and software and piece it all together.


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        Has some good videos the time they did install aftermarket pc was more for tuning then what your chasing may be able to do it though.
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