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  • A Bit of Advice Please - Selling Something Online

    So I'm selling some stuff via Gumtree. I have an (apparently) interested buyer, who is asking me to ship. Happy to do this at his cost & won't ship until I receive funds. He wants to use Paypal - is that the way to go? L plates when it comes to selling online here...

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    nope dont do Paypal, we've been done a couple of times before selling on ebay to interstate strangers, ( curtains and a phone) never, never ever again.

    its too easy to say theres an issue, or not received them, claim and reject and get refund. the buyer has all the power.

    i personally wouldn't
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      Absolutely do not.

      Its a very common scam.

      Once the goods arrive at their place, they conact paypal and advise the goods arent as advertised and then paypal reverses the finincial transaction and you are left with no goods and no money

      Tell em you dont have payoal nor a credit card and they cannoost you a bank cheque or deposit directly into your account
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        I recently sold a high end amp to someone in melbourne. I didn't ship until the paypal funds were in my bank account. Full insurance on the item sold. Wasn't an issue and have done so perhaps 5 times in recent years.


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          Does buyer sound suss to you? I'd insist on non-Paypal. If they go silent then you know.

          I like using paypal to buy stuff so then my number isn't spread far and wide, and means I don't have to find it and enter it every time. So it's convenient for buying, but it opens doors to scammers when you're the seller. I've only ever had them direct deposit and have had no problems.
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            There is also the option of taking photos before item is sent (to prove correct description) and send it via registered mail they need to sign for (so it can't get lost). Using PayPal family/friends is not refundable I believe (do check my info is not fresh) and does not attract sellers fees. It's a juggle either way...


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              As said numerous bank tranfere, cash or no sale. I'd trust you....
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                been buying and selling online via gumtree for golf stuff.... so far have been pretty good with PayPal;
                if I dont feel right, I would ask for them to send me an email or message me on the phone which I would use to do a bit of basic google snooping to find out if they look legit, ask them to do family/friend transfer or direct bank deposit.

                Plus, look at the delivery address, use google map to look up if its residential area; no PO Box delivery, always use tracking and sign on pickup. take picture of items, packing and address as proof of delivery. this can be used as proof to PayPal if in dispute.

                if refuse, just say no... if you dont feel comfortable with it, just dont go ahead with it.
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                  the only reason we didnt get done 100% with the iphone was that i took pictures of everything including screenshots of ebay, paypal, tracking numbers, receipts, emails, the package. the guy had put down multiple ship to addresses and a slightly different again in paypal correspondence, it became complicated. we got him because we'd sent it registered post to one of the "wrong" addresses and he signed for it and i had the screenshots linking the emails to the address to the sig to the delivery to the ebay to the C to the U to the N to the motherfucking T.

                  Still took about 2-3 weeks from memory, paypal assumes the seller is always the issue and YOU have to prove it arrived. Meanwhile they refund the cash and old mate there has the goods and the top spot by default to the money. I was dealing with yanks via disputes line. i imagine a lot of people would just give up.

                  I can live without all of that. thats just my experience tho.

                  gumtree and C.O.D only way to go i rekon.
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                    OK - thanks for that peeps - pretty much what I thought. Will go direct deposit.