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left/right fitting motherboards?????????????

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  • left/right fitting motherboards?????????????

    hey boys.....i getting a vid card tonight but after looking at it on net it seems to be fitting the wrong way (my main board sits on left side of tower as you look from front) these vid (and my audigy soundcard i got last week) fit the other way with pins to r side??????

    this means the vent fan on the gfx card will be running upside down....................... :?: :?: :?: :?:

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    and the right angle fixing bit will be on the r/h side and not fit to side of tower? is this why yanks drive on the right side of the road hahahaha


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      The slot that is goes into should have contacts on both sides so it shouldn't be a problem.


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        yeah but as heat rises is it wise to put it upside down?????????????????/


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          It will be upside down in tower case... :roll:

          If you don't want it upside down, then you can buy a desktop which will mount it verically.

          Or I spose you could build ya own case if ya have the time / skills / patience...
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            Or you could just not use a case
            mmmmm sacrilicious


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              what drugs are you boys on???
              not use a case? would look like madmax's pc. (mel gibson mad max NOT forum mad max)

              if i use no case where do the dvd drives sit? on shoe boxes?


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                yah see the boys at mainboard R&D did some thinkin' with the grey matter...

                They worked out that if the fan on you AGP video card faced up when in the slot it would be drawing the hot air expelled by the CPU fan (and to some extent the PSU).

                Therefore the card is designed to run "upside down" (left side of card) with fan pointing down.

                Smart with the thinkin' huh?


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                  Also means that it gathers less dust than on top...
                  Aim high and consider yourself worthy of great things


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                    fair enough boys! got card last night and also got another 512ddr ram to go with it.........runs mint and faster than my R1, runs farcry beautiful and looks awesome (gotta love the blood and bulletholes in corpses) :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


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                      Just to clarify.
                      Its an AGP slot v/c and yes, it is upside down compared to PCI.
                      No matter what it will still collect dust. The fan on the video cards SUCK air in, not vent air out. Also the reason why it is upside down is that it is positioned next to the CPU and the CPU does get very hot when playing games thus you dunn wanna get the v/c to run hotter than it always is by sucking hot air in.


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                        One interesting thing to note is another reason it is mounted with the fan "upside down" like that is to prolong the life of the fan bearings.

                        Anyone noticed that eventually the fan starts buzzing? That is because the bearing in the fan ends up grinding down, as that poor little fan spins between 2,000 and 6,500RPM depending on the card model and whether you have replaced it with a nice Delta screamer fan.

                        If the fan is mounted on its side, you end up with a small but noticeable side force on the bearing, which increases wear rate.

                        If mounted with the fan upright, the bearing is no longer supporting the fan, and you end up with the fan blade unit wearing down instead, which happens faster than the bearing wearing out.

                        So, having the unit "upside down" is better for the MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) of the fan.

                        Not to mention, having the fan upside down means that it is drawing the cooler air from the bottom of the case to use for cooling the video card.

                        But hey, you can always watercool the card, much less heat to keep inside the case, much quieter, and you can overclock the living s**t out of it, after overvolting the card
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                          You forgot to add ramsinks to the video card memory and use copper as it is a denser material meaning it absorb the heat much quicker.