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question in regards to seeds

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  • question in regards to seeds

    if i change the file name (clean it up a little), will it no longer be used as a seed? or do seeds come from the temp folder?
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    if you mean with torrents, move to a folder other than the download folder to stop it seeding once it is at 100%, seeds to go through the temp files, changing the file name "may" stop it seeding depending on the specific program, but if its seeding it wont allow a name change, so its easyer just ot move it to another folder
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      Can't you just delete it from the torrent apps queue, without deleting the file itself?

      It's all I do with my linux ISOs, once it's complete and in the 'seeding' category, delete it from the Azureus seeding list and Bob's your mothers brother.
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          Daise, in the seriously geeky world of torrents, THEY LIKE those file names. It allows them to see who created/ripped the file, where its come from, the format (WS/HD/STD) etc etc.
          For instance, in the world of BSG torrents, the person who produces "PROPER" rips has a good rep as an excellent producer of product, and the one named "ORENJI" seems to produce files with crappy sound.

          Depending upon your client, the renamed file will most likely not be able to be kept in the swarm. When I have done this, I have had to re-create the file name exactly as it appears in the torrent file to be able to assist in seeding the file again. Unless you are burning to a disk for portability, leave the file name as it is, and you'll still be able to seed, and get your ratio up and away.

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