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Do you have an international bank account?

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  • Do you have an international bank account?

    I am using an online transfer service that has competitive rates and low fees for Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe and Sweden.

    If I recommend someone that actually uses the service (not just signs up), it goes towards me getting an iPod product.

    If you are likely to transfer money to or from an international bank account... let me know, I'll send you an invite via email (so PM me your email address), click on the link in the email, you can eyeball the site and see what you think...

    ... and help me win an iPod .

    Consider your contribution a 'pay it forward'.

    Thanks peeps

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    What do you want a FagPod for?

    I got an international bank account, I usually (when I remember) do a transfer to pay off my UK credit card that is still in the 300 quid range - shoot me the link and I'll give it a whirl


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      It's one of those 'I'd never buy one, but if I can get one for free' things. Like a lava lamp :p


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        i wouldnt mind a Swiss bank account


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          I gotsa UK bank account. paypal is an asshole wont let me have international accounts. I'll PM u

          Edit: Oh and dont get an iPod. they suck


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            Anyone else?


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              I'm interested. BankWest (and most banks) want $35 per transfer to send money to my brothers account in UK.


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                Got a Lloyds TSB account.

                And iPods don't suck. They win. I've had mine for 3 years and haven't had a single problem with it. Ever.
                Feels good man.


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                  Thought I'd bump this. Any new takers?


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                    Sorry mate, but my UK account was closed a while back after I paid my CC off.

                    Did you end up getting your fagpod :-P


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                      Originally posted by Gummy View Post
                      Oh and dont get an iPod. they suck
                      You're kidding, right?


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                        Originally posted by Scoundrel View Post
                        Did you end up getting your fagpod :-P
                        If I did, I wouldn't be bumping this.

                        And like I said, I wouldn't PAY for an iPod. But if I get one gratis, so be it.