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  • Property Investments Overseas

    We've talked about ways of investing in properties in Australia but I am interested if it's worth looking at the vast market overseas.

    Is it worth the hassle- exchange rate/distance/language barriers/Country Law etc..etc...
    Benefits- Higher rent/Costs/ Growth Potential?

    Which Property- Land/House/Apartment/Holiday units?

    Is there a way of avoiding certain Taxes through investing outside of Australia?

    I haven't done much research but I thought if anyone has oversea's properties what the high and low points are and any tips/hints.

    sigpicJoseph Nobody Sponsor.

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    On the bright side, flights to the property would be tax deductible.

    Cheap holidays.


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      big call investing in any market that you dont know intimately.

      also need to remember that you cant expect returns similar to what we have had in Australia in recent times.

      Having said that, a few years ago a mate and i made an outlandish commitment that one day we would each own a terrace house/apartment somewhere in the Cinque Terre, Italy and that we would buy Vespa's and cruise the pebble paved lane ways by day and drink Limoncello on deck chairs on the cliff top by evening.

      For the uninitiated......

      but thats not for investment purposes, its simply for the fact that the Cinque Terre is the best place on earth.