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Any finance brokers out there?

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  • Any finance brokers out there?

    I have a problem, my girlfriend bought a car 12 months ago, and couldnt get the loan so we put my name and hers on the loan. she has been paying the loan by herself but does not declaire any income. i need my name removed from the loan so i can buy a bike next year, but because my g/f doesnt claim an income she cant re-finance. she earns 30 000+ a year off the books and has been paying the loan for over 12 months now she ows around 12000. how can i get my name removed from this loan?

    i've herd you can claim up to $50 000 a year as a hobby instead of income, could i claim her income as a hobby and use that to re-finance?
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    Really? Dude, you need to put yourself in the bank/finance companies shoes, would you loan 12k to someone you don't know who has no ability on paper to pay you back? How about someone who makes some money from a hobby?
    The downside of doing cash work is you have no credit rating.

    Looks like you are stuck with her car loan detracting from your credit rating, therefore stopping you getting that new bike.

    Maybe she can declare some income, that way you can use her credit rating to get finance on your new bike?

    Saving up for stuff like cars and bikes is the best way to go though.

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      holy thread resurrection batman!


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        the loan is probably paid off by now
        Do you remember the good old days before the internet?

        when arguments were only entered into by the physically or intellectually able.


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          Would be nice to know what happened in the end though.