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  • Bayswater waves gym

    i've lived behind bayswater waves for 2 years now never stepped inside, whent in the other day and what do you know? theres a gym in here, im signed up now and working out everymorning having a break every 3rd day.
    anyone else use this fine establishment?
    I know i cant spell, please don't feel the need to correct me

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    IN the middle of winter the spa/sauna section gets a workout. Plus I like scaring kids on the waterslide.

    But skip the 'wave pool', it's pretty lame.
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      I never knew there was a gym there either.
      Good place? Reasonable cost?
      Spiral out, keep going...


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        yeah cost isnt to bad, you get a discount if you live in city of bayswater, i paid $176.00 for 3 months membership to gym area only, as i dont swim, this includes two free apraisalls. as far as gyms go its a bit skungy but hey its convienient.
        I know i cant spell, please don't feel the need to correct me


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          I used to work there as a lifeguard.
          Try to stay out of the wave pool and the 25m indoor pool, you wouldnt believe how much crap (litteraly) we pull outa there.

          The gyms pretty good, i like the setup with freeweights up stairs and machines down the bottom, and you can usually see a hottie or two round the pool while you workout
          Also, warming down in the Hydro pool after a work out is the best, no sore body the next day!


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            does anyone know if these guys do a spin class?


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              Hey I just joined too!

              You'll see my fugly bike out the front

              What's a spin class??


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                cycling, in one spot.


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                  Ummm yep. They've got like 1 a day?


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                    OH! ok cool!

                    So there is one. I couldn't find anything on the bayswater website, might try again now that I know there is something.