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Tool to validate signed data (xml document and binary file)

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  • Tool to validate signed data (xml document and binary file)

    Does anyone know of a tool which allows you to verify signed data (both binary and xml, given a public key supplied via a text (or other) file)?

    The tool (or tools) are required to do the following:

    1. Given a signed xml document, allows the user to verify the contents of that document based upon a public key that the user provides from an external source (i.e. there is no key information stored in the xml document and the public key is stored as a text file on a network drive someplace (temporary key storage until a key management system is created))

    2. Given a binary file, allows the user to verify the contents of the file given a public key (same key as used above). It would be cool if this tool could verify specific parts of the file e.g. bytes 100 - 199, but I think that is asking a bit much.

    Unfortunately, I cant write a tool to do this because I am required to validate the tool I have already written (validation has to occur using an external application).


    P.S. So as not to confuse the testers the tool(s) have to be windows based and not require a dozen and one other libraries.

    P.P.S. Like every other tool we are using, free my boss adores free stuff.
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    Something like this?

    The GNU Privacy Guard -
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      Thanks dude, but not quite.

      The boss has decided I will be writing a tool to do it and releasing the source for customer inspection......

      Boss still doesnt believe I couldnt find something 3rd party and free. *sigh*