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  • Wireless link to XBox

    There's a variety of gadgets out there that plug in to a standard RJ-45 LAN cable connector and give it wireless capabilities. I'm looking to link our XBox to my router (IEEE 802.11g) and play back videos without having to snake a cable through the house. But I have a few questions and I'm hoping someone on here has done it already.

    1. Are there any downsides to doing it this way, apart from financials?
    2. What hardware would I have to get to do this? I'm thinking a small antenna (7d from the router to give it better throughput if it's not running full speed due to interference (optional) and some sort of RJ-45 to Wireless converter (required) - I believe these cost about $60.
    3. Has anyone done this before and can verify that it actually plays back without any issues (e.g. laggy playback due to not having a high enough throughput)?

    I play 350mb 43 min TV eps and the occasional virtual DVD hosted on my PC (I believe this would have a slightly higher throughput), but the TV eps are the main thing that I want working with this. I'm getting a bit annoyed with the 30m Cat5 cable running through the house and a wireless connection would solve this (rental place, so can't drill holes through the house...)
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