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  • Blepharoplasty?

    I need some information from someone who has had/is having/significant other has had/is having etc.

    I know what the procedure is, but want to know from someone who got it done locally on approximate pricing, what rebates from whom? etc.

    or if someone got it done overseas at all.

    For me it is a need not a want as my vision is now being affected.

    If you want to PM me rather than talk in the open forum that is fine by me.



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    I'm pretty sure this is what the girlfriend had done sometime last year.

    If it wasnt this exact procedure it certainly was some sort of upper eyelid lift. Wasn't for cosmetic reasons either was for vision.

    Afraid I know no details other than she went to an older guy at the Lions Eye Institute. She was in pain for a couple days after, but nothing more than your average post-surgery pain. She was very impressed with the LEI people and highly recommends them now.


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      yeah, i went to the Lion's Eye Institute for a pterigium like thing, and they were fantastic. They even did a biopsy to ensure it wasn't cancerous, even though they were almost certain it wasn't.


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        Mrs morpheus had the bleph done 3 months ago. HUGE diference. Looks awesome sexy now. About 9k all up. Brilliant surgeon - Dr Briggs who has office in Subi. Highly reccomend him - has done thousands of these proceedures and really knows his stuff. Day proceedure under general anaesthetic. Worth every cent.
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          my wife works in the industry and from memory a procedure like this should be in the $5-10k bracket, depending on what surgeon, public or private, etc.

          go and see your optometrist and get a referral to an opthamologist (eye specialist) - often they'll refer you to the LEI and they can get you to the right surgeon.


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            before and after, 45 minutes on the table, local anaesth, about 14 stiches in each eye
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              Those lidded, smoky bedroom eyes are ruined!

              Hope it heals well for you mate
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                dubs you looked ANGRY in pic 1 :/
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                  Dubbers, you looked beautiful to me before-hand. (no Barfcow)

                  I hope you get the results you're after.
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                    Hope it all goes well...

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                    Feed 'em to the pigs, Errol....


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                      Heal quick Dubs, are you going to give us daily/weekly updates?
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                        Heal quick boss
                        such comment
                        many post


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                          As long as it doesn't make you look any less of a man (eyeliner really digs you by the way) I'm happy.

                          Heal quick Uncy Stud.


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                            Well done Dubs. Best of luck with the recovery.


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                              that looks sooooooo painful
                              is it painful?
                              why didn't they give you a full anasth ... anaes...... knock out thingy (musta been awful for you to lie there and watch the scalpel coming towards your eyes ..... eeeek!!)

                              was it expensive?
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