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Anyone work for PLE or Austin Computers?

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  • Anyone work for PLE or Austin Computers?

    Hi All,

    As the title says?

    I am chasing a quote for some top end computers. Recieved a quote today which took 5 weeks to get from a computer company and was a joke.

    Just interested to see if any sales guys want to quote for me.


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    for work or personal?


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      +1 for PLE, did me a good deal for my last PC


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        Originally posted by Brougham View Post
        for work or personal?
        Yep two top end machines for work.

        I am a big fan of PLE also Stoneville, work however has preferred suppliers which I am pushing to change.
        10 metre rule - Takes the guess work out of f_cking ugly!!!


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          Do not go near Austin Computers.

          Allow me to repeat that


          You have been warned.

          If you run into grief, then complain on this forum, expect a Nelson style "Ha Ha".

          For a large purchase that you describe, Pkunk recommends the following retail outlets:

          NetPlus Micro Computers
          Welcome to Navada Computer Services Pty Ltd Web page
          :: PLE Computers :: (only had dealings with the cannington store however. YMMV in wangara)

          let me guess, you were jerked around by Nintek?

          good luck!

          Edit: down the bottom of the page "related threads" are shown. Imagine my surprise that there is already a thread bagging out Austin Computers
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            Cheers for the heads up Pkunk.

            Nope not Nintek.
            10 metre rule - Takes the guess work out of f_cking ugly!!!


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              Oh ok

              yeah dont use nintek either


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                I bought a fair bit for the old company through netplus and austin as they were both local the former was awesome. Won't go into the later.


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                  We use Stott and Hoare in Ossie Park for our work PCs and they are pretty good, but then if you are only looking for a couple of PCs they might not be too competitive. We also only buy Tier 1 equipment, ie the likes of IBM/HP

                  You could have a look at Dell, they aren't bad on build quality and have very good after sales support.
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                    I go to Austin's only to pick up things like cables... heat sink paste... little things, not full PC's. PLE has never done me wrong in that department. The only thing that Austin has on PLE is longer opening hours on Saturdays.
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                      Ditto Techni.

                      I will however admit at the Austin Cannington store I managed to get served by a bright spark. This resulting in a regaining of confidence in their company. This confidence was rapidly blown away again by the pleb that actually fetched my the part...


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                        PLE are awsome, been very impressed with netplus aswell, austins are dickheads


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                          Harris on Scarborough Bch Rd or Domain in Osborne Park have both been good... we buy high end Toshiba laptops and pricing is similar
                          However, FJ and Uncle Ho (MyFX) are 2 examples of people that dont fit this genre but fit into the forum well as well respected members.


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                            I should really start up my own business and sell cheap to poeple..

                            Ask Brougham off these forums.. i hooked him up with a PC at warehouse/cost price cause i felt like being nice. I have friends who work at suppliers and have my own account.


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                              okay whats wrong with austins? i used to get quite alot of bits and pieces from there and never had any dramas? (ie new mb's etc)
                              Every one has a story.....