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Simple web came set up, tell me how?

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  • Simple web came set up, tell me how?

    OK i need to find the simplist web cam set up for this situation, i am also web came noob but can figure it out

    folks and sister in QLD us here (3 seperate towns in QLD)
    1 set of parents have no computer experiance (i mean none! lol )
    others can do most stuff (i hope )

    i am giving me old laptop to my mum (no computer exp) for xmas and was thinking of getting a web cam set up for it. So she can see and hear our new daughter more often . Mum is going to do some computer training at her end

    i thin i will need to have to set up an icon (shortcut) that will open to the webcam "page" or setup and startworking. maybe a fewcliks

    was also thinking maybe seting up some sort of remote access from my end to assist? how do i simplify that?

    other 2 locations should be ok without much help?

    i will be there for set up at xmas

    is Skype an easy answer?
    anyone got else something that will work very simply?
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    skype or MSN will make it all a lot easier.

    Best bet is to both download/install the latest version of MSN, both buy microsoft brand cameras, which once installed will work seamlessly with MSN Then it's just a matter of logging into msn and clikcing one button to start a video conversation.


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      most cams these days are plug n play so a simple install of the cam and MSN, Skype, Yahoo will pick them up and away you go ... very easy!


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        extra question

        1 location can only get dial up (remote) they can get telstra wireless i think (but i think thats expensive)

        will a camera work on dial up? or is it to slow?
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          yes it will work but it will be slow.


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            you won't get true video, more like a frame or 2 a second but they can still see what is going on on the other end