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PS3 GT5 Prologue Demo.

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  • aaargh1
    when is this fuggin thing gonna be released, this game is the reason i bought my ps3

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  • Dyno
    awwww, that totally craps all over forza motorsport 2 on my xbox360........might have to have 2 game consoles

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  • dr00
    man that in car view looks awesome, its the only way to play driving sims IMO. how am i gonna break this to the gf after i just bought an xbox...

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  • cYcLoNe
    started a topic PS3 GT5 Prologue Demo.

    PS3 GT5 Prologue Demo.

    Here's a few poor quality shots (phone camera on T.V.) of GT5 Prologue demo.

    You have to fudge a japanese online account to access it however.

    One step further than HD demo with 16 cars on track and the new
    in-car camera view. 6 brand new cars (GTR, WRX, EVO10 etc...)

    Only one track to play (Suzuka) which is a shame but a nice change
    from the drift track in HD demo. (There's a video of the 'Daytona' track too)

    I found an extra option in the setup screen which I assume is to change
    the handling from 'arcade' to 'simulation' but I can't read Japanese.

    The game has been missing 'in-car' views since GT1 IMHO but we finally
    get it for GT5, also has a nice 'look over the rear parcel shelf' view to match.

    Now bring on TOURIST TROPHY 2 FFS!!!
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