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    My laptop is few years old and there is nothing wrong with it, but i think it needs more ram to speed things up a little.

    Its a Toshiba Satellite A50. First Question - Will Ram help me? I have only 256MB in it at moment.

    A mate of mine wanted RAM for his laptop so he asked for prices for the both of us, his was $60 for a gig, but mine was $140 for a gig. Apparently cos my laptop is "old" it is more expensive. Second Question - Is there a reason older style RAM is more expensive? It hardly seems worth spending $140 bucks on something i could prob only sell for a few hundred if i was lucky.

    Where is a good place to buy RAM cheaply? Can I get some second hand somwhere from someones laptop that has packed it in?

    I hope someone can help me cos i know close to nothng about computers


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    Yes RAM will help.

    Yes it will be more expensive due to its age.

    I would try ebay once you establish what type and speed RAM you need.


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      ^^ whs

      however, i'd just pay the extra for new ram. dodgy RAM will often "work" and then cause all sorts of wierd and wonderful crashes that you may not immediately link to the RAM. Hence, i'd avoid possibly dodgy secondhand ebay ram if possible - it's just not worth the head fuck if things go wrong.

      older ram is more expensive because its often not made any more... or the supplier will have to do a special order (paperwork cost) because keeping it in stock makes no sense for the small number of people who order it.
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        I have a couple of sticks of older ram you can have for minimal cost, 1 stick of SD-Ram133, I stick of SD-ram266.

        Let me know


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          I just upgraded the work laptop and my home laptop from here: Computer Memory RAM Upgrades

          Seeing as you have a Toshiba... try this: Toshiba Satellite memory upgrades


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            Used these guys before, very good, even with shipping a lot cheaper.
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