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Java programming, how much?

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  • Java programming, how much?

    just wondering if somebody does Java programming in Perth, what's the money rates are? Anyone can pls give me an idea?
    Thank You

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    I heard there is a place in the City but they said no polish ppl allowed
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      Monday is comparable to any other programming discipline (except something specalised). Also depends on how much experience you have.

      How much experience do you have?


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        Everyone knows poles can't code...

        Rates vary from $20 per hour to about $120 depending on who you know, what you know and how long you've known it.

        Best bet is to start ringing monkeyfuck headhunters and put up with their shit until you find a rate you like.
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          Contract work is good money, but if you're looking for Java programming have you considered working for Talus international? They're the company that bought out ADI after the HMAS Westralia court case (Private sector of Australia's defence force - Australia Defence Industries or something). I know they use Java for their dev, and their main dev tool is Eclipse.
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            as with most things in software engineer. its not the language, but experience. its not rocket science to go from c++ to java to c# etc. your pay will be decided by your level of experience in software engineer and your design/problem solving skills.


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              Interesting. I'm a Brisbane based software engineer and I'm moving to Perth in January (with the bike naturally). From the searching that I've done, it seems that there are a number of java positions out there.


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                Java itself is dependant upon a particular skill set and what is wanted at the time. E.g. J2EE and JavaEE5 experiance is highly sought after and highly paid (if you are familiar with associated technologies such as JBoss, The Glass Fish project, netbeans, etc more power to you).

                Swing developers as still paid well (not as well so people tell me), however, companies like Oracle couldnt get enought of them last year and were handing out very attractive renumeration packages.

                I dont know how many jobs there are for POJO (plain old java objects) developers above grad/jr sw engineer level, so you pretty much have to choose whether you want to be on the server side (J2EE) or GUI side (swing).

                Pay in this industry seems to be highly dependant on what is in flavour at the time, if there is a skills shortage, expect great money, if not, its pretty average.

                It also depends largely as to the company you work for. E.g. when I was a graduate embeded C programmer @ ERG, I was being paid 2k per year more than I am getting as a Java software engineer @ my current company, but the working environment is worth the pay cut.

                Rank is also important e.g. graduate, junior sw engineer, sw engineer, senior sw engineer, principle engineer, etc.

                Id say grads can expect $18-$20 per hour for a 40 hour week and the base salary for a software engineer starts around $20 per hour for a 40 hour week. Therefore, expect around 38-40k per year for a first job, 42-45k for a second job, and anywhere around 120k+ as a senior/principle engineer about 7-10 years down the track depending on how dedicated you are.

                Private industry vs government influences the pay rates also. If you can, become a contractor and get paid per hour, it is worth it in the end, esp when there is a deadline and you are pulling out all stops to get it done. Whatever you do, make sure you enquire as to the time in leiu policy, I never saw any of my time in leiu @ my first company, my second will occasionally pay it out.

                As with any software development company, ask around for people's opinions as to the working conditions. Sometimes its worth taking a pay hit to work someplace nice.
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                  Originally posted by Pkunk View Post
                  Monday is comparable to any other programming discipline
                  say WHAT? (are you using "#define Monday Java"?)

                  In regards to the original question... how long is a piece of string?
                  Historically, software engineering pay has been about 10-20% less than the eastern states equivalent... mainly because of our supposed lower cost of living... but with our soaring housing prices and mining boom, hopefully that will be reflected in pays.

                  As Darkbyte said... anywhere from 40K grad to 100K+ with experience.
                  On average, a competent programmer with a few years (say 3-5) experience should be getting 55-75K depending on the niche of the work and/or the industry the company is in.

                  (and as Klink said \/\/\/... company will often aim for the lowest they can get away with!)
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                    ... and it also depends on the tight ass company you work for
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