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What is the BEST antivirus program.

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  • What is the BEST antivirus program.

    As i know bugger all about this I thought I would ask the Q as have got a couple of little nasties lately...

    No slagging someone elses choice just the plus points for your choice

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    + points...I hardly notice it slowing my comp down and it updates itself and like nothing has got thru...


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      AVG. 5charfaggots.
      such comment
      many post


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        I like Avast.

        1. Free.
        2. Picks up updates every day or two - and is blocking emails received from mates who are running McAfee or Norton (ie it knows about new viruseses before they do).
        3. It's quick - Norton on my machine absolutely crippled it, Avast takes a hit if you enable on-access scanning but nowhere near as bad.

        It does _reasonably_ well with spyware but I've been infected with that shit before, the ONE time in the last year I downloaded a key generator from a warez site.

        Personally I've found that the combo of the router firewall, ZoneAlarm (a freebie firewall package on the puter), Avast, Firefox and being a little cautious of where you go on the innernetz and what you download and run has worked pretty well.

        Not as well as disconnecting the blue wire, of course, but getting close.
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            Unix ;-)

            Symantec Corporate is pretty nice (which is what I use). Kaspersky, too. If you want something free I'd go with AVG though it's email scanner can be a bit dodgy at times and is known to cause SMTP timeouts (connection to outgoing mailserver).

            Oh, stay away from Norton (other than non-norton, Symantec branded stuff) and McAfee. They're bloated and their firewalls cause so many headaches.
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              Get a mac then...
              There, said it. So get one, install Windows on it, and AVG for all da virus things.
              AVG plus points:
              1) Free
              2) Does a good job.

              What more do you want?


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                Go to and check out what they recommend for free protection. Using one programme will leave a hole, no matter what.

                A virus scanner that updates regularly would be worth paying for but there are free versions that are just as good, just w/out the bells and whistles.

                I use AVG. Updates daily.
                Spybot, Zone Alarm, Online Armour and Secretmaker.

                I haven't had a problem yet.
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                  Zonealarm is my sworn nemesis.

                  Spybot is good, however.


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                    +1 on Avast.

                    Excellent program and free.


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                      AVG is shite. memory and CPU intensive.

                      Avast FTW.


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                        2 things. AVG (by Grisoft) for viruses and trojans. A-Squared (by emsisoft) for spyware (url interceptors etc)
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                          Comodo seems preety good. They do a free firewall as well.


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                            Which ever program you go with, go to this site and do their online check regularly. Over the years it has picked up things that my AV has missed.

                            And it's free

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                              Lol, yep, *nix/OS X