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  • VOIP handsets?

    A mate of mine at work is looking for a VOIP handset. He does not use Skype, so Skype only gear isn't on the list.

    At the moment he has a wireless headset for his PC, so he makes the call there and wanders around the office while chatting. Ideally he'd like to be able to pick up a "regular" looking handset and chat through that in the living room, etc. Has a decent wireless network set up already.

    Any advice on these units? I've never bothered using one, we're looking at some Nokia phones to do it, but ideally would like a somewhat cheaper option.
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    Does it must be wireless?
    If you can... you MUST!


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      EDIT: Ignore this - I reead "handsets" as "headsets" OOPS


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        buy an ATA (analogue telephone adapter). one send u plug in any regular phone (ie any cordless phone u like) and the other end plugs into your data network.


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          Originally posted by Klink View Post
          Does it must be wireless?
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            netgear do one


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              Slightly off track (sorry, Cam), but I'm liking that some of the newer mobiles with WiFi now support a mini-Skype which will take over and run the phone over the LAN if there's a network to talk to, or use the mobile connection if there isn't.

              Nice - one handset which works everywhere, just a lot cheaper from home or the office.
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                I have been chasing this goal for a while. Short answer, the technology isn't mature yet.

                a) ATA's - These defeat the purpose as you want to keep analogue to a minimum. Causes poor voice quality, echoes, etc. Cheap & cheerful home solution only. I ran an ATA (with FXO) plugged in to a DECT cordless for a while, worked OK, but poor voice quality and no VoIP 'extra' features frustrated me.

                b) Linksys WIP300 - I used this for a while, and was quite impressed. Downside is very short battery life, no cradle and can't get replacement batteries (linksys: "when the battery dies bin the phone and buy a new one") and only being able to handle one VoIP account sucks.

                c) Nokia mobile - I'm currently using an E60, works OK most of the time, but sometimes people dialling in get engaged for no reason, phone doesn't ring and other random, confidence sapping bugs. Quite hard to configure. I love the concept though. My brother has an N95 and he says that has similar issues.

                d) DUALphone - This might be what I try next. It is a DECT cordless phone with true, digital all the way, VoIP. Unfortunately it can't do multiple VoIP servers, so that sucks -going to try voxalot as a solution to that.

                e) Cisco 7940 - Not wireless, just Ethernet, but quality is awesome. I have one on my desk and use it in preference to any wireless solution I've found so far. (Hard to configure -not for noobs.) I also set up and kitted out an office with these phones, worked a treat. You can get bluetooth headsets for them, and that is probably the best solution going right now (but not cheap).

                f) wireless laptop with eyebeam - good solution, but a bit heavy and not always on.

                If you find a solid solution, let me know.
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                  Which provider is your mate with? The Belkin wireless router that iinet provide allows a normal phone to be plugged in and used as a VOIP handset. I've got a 3 station 5.8GHZ system plugged in and it works great on Naked DSL.


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                    What munki said ^^^^^

                    I run a Belkin WiFi router with VoIP at home and have a corded handset plugged into it for VoIP (for now, will move to cordless).

                    Means you can buy a nice looking cordless handset and plug directly into the router, but obviously you need to be with iiNet to purchase said router and VoIP service

                    I love my Naked DSL service
                    R Legal and loving it


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                      VOIP over a wireless network is ballz. So much packet loss over wifi and unless you have it subnetted off with layer 3 switches, your network traffic will play havoc with it.

                      Some of the new wireless handsets are being offered with voip and analogue connections. I think siemens just released one.

                      For a home network i would go with an ATA to a standard cordless analogue phone.


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                        Got a Dualphone, works well.

                        Mine plugs into my modem (or can plug directly into the phone socket) and a pc (via usb).
                        I can use it to make Skype calls or Landline calls, it's cordless and it rings when I get either Skype or Landline calls.

                        The only slightly negative things I can think of are, that my handset feels a bit cheap, and call quality is a lil bit dodgy (hisses very slightly), but these are minor gripes considering that Skype calls are free.

                        My wife makes phone calls A LOT, so I also use VOIP, when I dial a phone number it's routed either by the local phone network, or via VOIP, whichever is cheapest, this is all controlled by my modem which has VOIP built in.


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                          Hey guys,

                          WHats an ATA adapter worth and wheres the cheapest place to get one?


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                            Welcome to PennyTel

                            They've got 'em for $68.88 with an included call credit of $28.88.

                            Not associated with Pennytel but they're the mob I use for VOIP (which is how i know bout this)

                            Not done any research so don't know how good this deal is.