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Adult apprenticeships.

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  • Adult apprenticeships.

    Do any of them actually pay enough to live on?
    Whats available?

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    I reckon they could.

    Dont forget --> Mature age = Life skills. Life skills can make up for plenty of technical training/experience in a lot of cases. Fu*k me, enthusiasm makes up for a lot of experience in this Perth Boom time.

    I dunno if you noticed, but its a nightmare at the moment trying to find anyone electrical/mechanical in Perth ATM.
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      Cbr1k seemed to be having a heap of trouble with it :/


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        Hello helpdesk, this is Jim, how may I help your dumb ass?

        See what I did there?


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          I'm thinking fitter, as it's something I can do, and to be honest I want to earn some decent money, not retail wages.
          But obviously being of "Mature" age, I have responsibilities, bills, repayments etc.


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            you can get assistance from the govt for it i think. Dunno how much
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              Mature age etc, you know what I mean. +25, bills, commitments etc - Didnt mean it like that bud ok. Just talking as a guy who sits in on a few interviews etc hey.
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                Hahaha, you totally got my post wrong Rob, was agreeing with you wholeheartedly!


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                  If I could earn $40k on an apprenticeship I'd be onto it in a heartbeat.

                  Would mean a few small sacrifices, which I could handle. As it stands now, we'd probably realistically need to sell the house and / or live with the in-laws.

                  **edit: $40kpa sounds like a lot when training, but I don't fuck around, I'm not just living for the weekend, I've got an attention span slightly longer than the average 17 year old, I've got life skills and I generally know not to hold the pointy end of tools. Seeing some of the kids we're spitting out on apprenticeships at Curtin just makes me fucking weep....

                  Pay a shitheel $20kpa, or pay somebody that'll actually learn and improve your business $40k? I don't think it should be that hard to get.
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                      i hate starting a sentance with i heard but...

                      i heard that as a mature age person doing a apprenticeship you start of third year wage.

                      but that link above should have all the info


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                        OK....hang on to your hats...

                        True stories..

                        Two crane drivers I worked with at the minesite got adult guy 35, one 21...

                        Did not drop a penny..still on a bit over $100k a year...

                        I work with an adult app were I work now..32...

                        He still takes home a bit over $900 a week in the hand...

                        17 year old app were I work takes home about $500 a week in the hand...

                        I don't know what I can do..but will ask around...


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                          As a rough guide, minimum apprenticeship wages vary
                          from $260 to $342 a week in first year, $342 to $466
                          in second year and from $466 to $547 in third year.
                          Adult rates can also apply and are generally at second
                          year level. Minimum traineeship wages for full-time
                          trainees for a Year 12 school leaver are around $250
                          a week in the first year.

                          as an adult you can survive on 2nd year rates?

                          obviously the pay would be better on a remote mine site but getting an apprentiship in such a place would be very hard unless you have contacts
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                            $342-$466 a week.
                            This is gross not net I take it.
                            No way in the world I could afford that.


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                              That maybe so...

                              But in these times there is quite a bit of negotiating...

                              I sure as hell ain't working for the "award" rate...fucking noone is..