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    So Trump asks "is the cure worse than the disease"? Bolsonaro (Brazil's far right president) says pretty much the same but with even less tact than Trump (yes, that is actually possible)
    But do they have a point?
    I we utterly munt national economies, worldwide, for the next 5 to 10 years, will that have a roll-on effect of high levels of depression, lower health care funding, an inability to adequately care for our old, sick or poor, a huge increase to our lower classes etc that, in turn, leads to a greater long term death toll than COVID19 itself? Maybe a MUCH higher death toll?

    How ANYONE could advocate deliberately allowing COVID19 to spread unchecked through our elderly population is beyond me. We took our kids out of school in a flash as we live with their very elderly grandparents for this very reason. And I imagine that no semi-normal world leader could do the same. But any leader that tips their country into a decade(s) long depression may be staring down the same barrel. Long term toll vs 'short' term.

    “A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.”

    What is the greater treatment of your populace? Let some die now, or make lots die later?

    Simplistic, I know. And, for me at least, I'd try to prevent the 'guaranteed' deaths from COVID-19 over the possibility of later deaths due to possible massive economic collapse. But I do understand Trump's and Bolsonaro's point of view, even while disagreeing with it. It's such an unknown. Easy decision for empathetic people (like most people I know) but seemingly also an easy decision for some far right leaning leaders also.


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      Originally posted by Kristy View Post
      Scotty, lock us down ASAP. Don't delay the inevitable. The economy's already fucked. Don't let people die unnecessarily.

      Scomo is a fucking dropkick and half the reason it's gotten to the point it has in Oz He made a big deal about evacuating the original lot from China but then left our borders wide open for any man and his dog to come in from all round the world with no checks and spread it round

      The Libs have dropped the ball big time on this and all him and the rest of his Nazi wannabe mates like Dutton can do is make excuses for fucking up constantly

      They had the opportunity to get on the front foot when we had minimal transmission but all they were worried about was making sure their mates in big business like A Joyce were still able to get their big paychecks and bonuses
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      Originally posted by Phildo
      Noted. We'll check back on that one in three years
      Originally posted by filbert
      i'll pretend you didn't know she was 13

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        Nailed it Para045, scottyfrommarketing was intending to go to the footy the same weekend as a Hillsong Conference in Sydney when people were asking why the Government was delaying restrictions until after the weekend rather than deploying on the Friday BEFORE the weekend.
        Twitter is now stating that there have been 30 infections related to that religious conference, don't know if this is true, none of the news companies will likely touch this, similar to his QAnon association.
        Dutton is an evil fucker with a real chip on his shoulder, corrupt as fuck, look at the amount of money spent in his electorate before the last election.


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          Yup, hard to disagree with anything there, Para045.

          The mixed/confused messages from “Scotty from marketing” (ironic given his old job) have done my head in but there’s a helpful article here that helps get your head straight again:

          Basically it’s that old adage: follow the money.

          Example? Scomo and the rest of the boys brigade want schools to stay open. Why? Because it allows parents to work, paying taxes to the Commonwealth and not being a Commonwealth burden via welfare payments. This strategy will however result in higher health costs. Who covers the health costs? The States, not the Commonwealth....he’s just passing the financial buck instead of thinking big picture.

          But the whole thing feels like a jazz jam session, making shit up as they go along. Why? They keep using words like “unprecedented” which is just bullshit. We’ve been through this all before and even had recent threats from SARS/MERS/Ebola surely the action plan should have been cast in stone by now? I mean none of these threats required a degree in history to recognise and everyone has heard of Spanish Flu, Smallpox, Cholera etc. FFS Vaccinations/Anti-vaxxers has been a huge topic of conversation can “unprecedented” be used anywhere near current discussions?!

          But spending billions on fighter jets and submarines, and sending our Defence Force to invade countries on the other side of the world seems like they take a higher priority.

          FYI, these clowns were happy to spend $17 billion on the F35 program, $225 billion (not a typo) on the submarine program to defend us from who/what I have no idea....but only $189 billion on the greatest financial threat in nearly 100 years.

          The lunatics really are in charge of the asylum...


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            So its no use asking Scotty to beam me up then?
            Smoke me a kipper...I'll be home in time for breakfast


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              [QUOTE=datsikk;n5243610]So what do people think about this?

              Personally, I'm stressing out. In Australia, the death/recovery is running at 15%. If the number of cases goes up, that figure will likely increase.

              Also worrying are reports that even if you make it, it can damage your lungs for life.

              What is also a worry is the slow response by our Government.

              Shame I don't own a shack in the middle of nowhere.[/QUOTE]

              dont worry given the clusterfuck the economy's in that option will probably be your only one....hahaha

              Smoke me a kipper...I'll be home in time for breakfast


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                Boris now diagnosed with Covid19...most likely tea with Prince Charles
                or possibly the Bat soup followed by Pangolin stew.


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                  Hey Joe how you doing? still driving parts about??
                  Smoke me a kipper...I'll be home in time for breakfast


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                    Originally posted by Creme View Post
                    6% in Australia? There have been 7 deaths in total in Australia.
                    So by your maths, only around ~120 people have the virus? In reality its already close to 1900 cases, the case count is still DOUBLING every 3-4 days.

                    After the virus has gone................the death rate will be = dead/every one infected. Now "every one infected" also = those that died + those that were cleared.

                    Whilst it is still going on.....every one infected = dead + survived + still to be decided.

                    I refuse to include "still to be decided" in a calculation hence death rate = dead/(dead + cleared)

                    Originally posted by INTJ View Post

                    Using those numbers, assuming comparable demographics and medical care, with Australia's 2k cases, they could expect about 40* dead - not just the current 8
                    2 weeks ago we had 248 cases...I use 2 weeks ago cos it takes 2 weeks to hit the deck. Using my 15% the end of this week we should have around 37 dead. I

                    we currently have 3378 with it. So by the 18th of next month we will have 506 dead.


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                      Originally posted by BusaSteve View Post
                      Hey Joe how you doing? still driving parts about??
                      Hey mate, doing Ok....I'll call you next week.