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  • Originally posted by Para045 View Post

    How did you get the tablets to stay alight?

    Seriously though good that you have given up the fags (and the smokes ) hopefully they aren't just replaced with a Champix addiction?

    The MiL stopped smoking about 5 years ago but has replaced them with the gum and now instead of "chain smoking" is chain chewing and wondering why she can't shit solid and has stomach issues
    Champix tablets are not addictive...but I have found new addiction. A lot cheaper and it is called coffee.
    Originally posted by SIR sparks a lot
    remember opinions are like assholes everybody will have one
    Here lies the body of Dorian Grey
    Who died while defending his right of way;
    He was right, oh so right, as he journeyed along
    But he's just as dead as if he'd been wrong