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recording analogue input?

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  • recording analogue input?

    I am looking to convert my old minidiscs to cd obviously via pc....

    who knows how to record a line input thru mic jack? i hear "pro tools" can do it but having no look finding it?

    I acquired "total recorder" and tested recording internet radio but doesnt seem to recognise the input??

    a mate at work did 2 for me on his mac but taking months to get them back

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    Have you tried using the sound recorder in windows?

    Also a quick Google turned this up
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      "mic levels" are different to "line levels" and generally lower. You should have a "line in" on your sound card. Usually the "blue" coloured jack.

      Protools is great, but Adobe Audition is similar and probably easier to find.
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        I just use Audio mid recorder, which is downloadable off tucows. Shareware version only records 3 mins of audio, but the full version is good quality, and can record off any input (mic, line in, etc), and save directly to wav, mp3, wma, and a couple other formats from memory.

        I used it to record a couple of the classic live at the wireless runs on JJJ, and the quality is tops.

        Then just use a decent quality audio prog (I use Audioedit Delux, also on Tucows) to trim the files, as it can directly edit mp3 files.
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          CoolEdit is easy to use and dnld older versions.
          Does the job.


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            Pretty much any audio tool will do this (analogue recording), like a few have mentioned, Windows has a sound recorder, Winamp has a plugin, think even Nero (CD buring tool) has a sound recorder. You takes yer pick

            One question, I thought MD was a digital format, so why you converting them to analogue, to then record them back into digital??
            Best to use the optical lead and copy them direct digital (if you have that on your MD player AND PC sound card).
            D to A conversion is lossy and basically you lose some quality every time you convert.

            Hope it helps