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  • SBS2000 Licensing

    I want to install my legal copy of SBS2000 onto another machine just for testing/stuffing around reasons. I'll only need it for about 4 weeks, but my question is, can I use my server license and 5 user CAL floppies from my original install? I have a feeling some sort of 'block' gets written to the floppies??

    Any info or other work-arounds would be appreciated......

    ...having dinner with KARMA tonight...

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    Not so familiar with SBS 2K, but the CAL issue should be fairly easy to work around.
    Get a floppy imaging app, something like floppy image (hxxp:// will do it.
    From memory you`ll have to transfer licenses back onto the master disk first, then use the image software and make exact copies of the floppy (bit image rather than FS copy).
    This should give you multiple copies of the same disk. Re-apply the license(s) to the original machine using one disk, then apply the license on the other machine using one of the imaged disks.

    You should be able to use the same license key to install SBS with no problems, just wouldnt advise going online with it as never know what M$ are looking for and potentially black-list a legit license key (because it sees 2 machines with the same key).
    Last bit is just conspiracy theory, but ya never really know.


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      Wot he said. *points up*
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        4 weeks.. too easy.. dont even worry about licensing, you get a grace period anyway... terminal services for example is 120 days.

        and hey i have 30 cals here from old SBS2000 which is redundant when we went to a fully qualified domain.