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can you use the proccesor off another computer?

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  • can you use the proccesor off another computer?

    at home i have two computers over a ethernet lan (10/100mbps) running xp prof.

    what i wanted to know was could i use one computer and use some of the resources off of the other computer to speed up the computer im using (the second computer is rarely doing anything)

    thanks in advance
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    You cant really do that I'm afraid. But what you could do is steal some bits from the under used machine, especially RAM. That would really help your machine to run faster.

    If you weren't all the way down in Kwinana I'd volunteer to come and have a look at it for you.
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      Just run some of the programs on the other computer and use remote desktop to access it, let me know if you want to know more
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        Erm, why not just use the FASTER machine as your main one??

        Would make a hell of a lot more sense........

        Otherwise just run the progs on the fast machine, and use RDP to control it.
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          Well how about a combination of all the suggestions:

          1. Use the Highest spec machine as your desktop, including moving any extra ram to it, but still leave the lower spec machine with enough to run.
          2. Use WinVNC to run some applications on the second machine,
          3. Use the slower spec machine as a File Server/Print Server
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            Gah bugger vnc, just use remote desktop connection, its much smoother over a network, and you dont suffer from the image quality drop that you normally get in vnc.
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              Simple answer is no. No resource sharing for you. Your best bet is to upgrade. But if you are having problems with runing multible programs on one of your machines let the other machine carry the other programs. For eg you is playing games on one, leave your email and msn on the other machine so is not to take your valuable game playing CPU and memory time.
              Unfortunately thats about all you can do. vnc and remote desktop wlii just allow you to use one machine though the other. Pretty pointless when you is sitting next to the machine.


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                yer i agree with Pete, unless one is a XEON proccessor and you can hack up some terminal licenses on a 2000/2003 server install, or linux cos your l33t not much you can do.

                EDIT: and VNC is pointless in same area, RDP is problelly a better bet as hewie said. But all thats going to do is run the app same speed as what ever machine your remoting