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  • Workshop/Office space wanted

    I need space to move out of my home office (spare bedroom) and into an office or even better some workshop space for the printing side of my business. I need room to setup the printer, computer, layout & trimming tables, small spray booth for the canvas laminate, and packaging, etc.

    I'm after around 20-40sqm. I can't find anywhere near the Carlisle area (looking at the Carlisle, Vic Park, Welshpool, Belmont, Kewdale, Bentley, etc areas) that is either affordable or small enough. Plenty of 100sqm+ sites for $500p/w+ which is both too big and too expensive.

    I know it's a long shot, but was wondering as a fluke that maybe someone on here (or knows someone) that has spare space in the nearby areas that would be interested in sub-letting it to me for a reasonable price? Maybe back areas of a workshop? Downsizing companies, etc.

    If so, please drop me a line on 0430 510 336 or [email protected].


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    Hi Brougham

    I might no someone who was (not sure if is still but can find out) looking at leasing out an office. Its part of a mechanical Shop and he didnt have any use of the office section. Based in Carlise to. Let me know if you could be interested and ill put you in touch with the right guy.