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  • Chai Latte places

    Have a friend I regulary keep in contact with who enjoys Chai Lattes when we catch up, we are also trying to vary the places we always go, finding places that sell Chai Latte in Perth on the net is not the easiest google search, so heres hoping PSB could help with their knowledge of the local cafe scene.
    are there any coffee places you know that serve a decent Chai latte?

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    Merchant Tea House Riseley Street.
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      Dome make great ones cos they use the syrup. You can even ask for them stronger without a problem
      MYO is getting better, think they use syrup too now
      MuzzBuzz isn't worth getting
      Mends Street Cafe also are pretty good

      Christchurch hospital in Christchurch, New Zealand surprisingly make really good ones ;p

      they're better with soy too


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        cafe cafe in subi... in summer ask for an ice chai latte - they're awesome... not that i drink chai lattes of course - way too girlie....


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          'Leaf' in Napoleon Street Cottesloe; just towards Stirling Highway from 'Dome' on the same side - consistently make excellent Chai.
          Food is quite good too.
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            Pranzo's on Colin Street, West Perth. I work there now, I'm pretty sure the girls or Peter can make you a Chai Latte, I've had someone order a chai something so...

            Don't worry, I don't touch the coffee machine.

            EDIT: Yes they do Chai Lattes, soy if you wish, uses a powder if that makes a difference?
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              Yes - have a mate developing 'limp' tendencies who has taken to drinking Chai Lattes and actually did a Soy Chai Latte today - in front of everyone!!!

              West Perth - Cafissimo on Ord St - good, Fix on Outram St - good


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                Originally posted by Griff View Post
                Yes - have a mate developing 'limp' tendencies who has taken to drinking Chai Lattes and actually did a Soy Chai Latte today - in front of everyone!!
                Slightly off topic, but a good friend of mine on a 'health quick' once asked for a weak skinny decaf latte 'to go' & when it came back it had the code "WFB" written on the lid.

                She asked what it stood for and the reply was 'Why F***ing Bother?'!
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                  Dont mind a Gloria Jeans or a Michels Pattiserie myself but appreciate the above leads to new places to try Hmmmmm Chai Latte - drink of the gods.


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                    The Imp Cafe in Vic Park. Best coffee and breaky in the city too. I also haveto agree that Chair Latte is best made with soy.
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                      I would have thought that most coffee houses / cafes would do it.... im a little surprised.

                      Anyway, my shop, The Perfect Peach Cafe on Walters drive Osb Park does them. we have the syrup, I must try the powder as some people have said that this is better but I would tend to think that it is probably more a brand thing or the flavour that it has more than anything else.

                      I have one every now and then but have only ever had ours so dont know if there is much of a diff in flavour.

                      Oh, we do Chai Tea as well....


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                        well i am a huge tea drinker

                        and unfortunately gloria jeans, dome and michels all use syrup instead of leaves, few cafes in leederville don't do it my opinion leaves are better than syrup

                        i definitely suggest trying cafe Soto beaufort st in mt lawley (across the road from the Queens)...the best soy chai latte i have tasted by far in perth


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                          Ok, first things first, your masculinity is not defined by what hot beverage you drink. I drink Chai Latte soley for the point of my health as I have to cut down on the amount of sugar in ingest, and the chai is sweet without sugar. I served 11 years in the Australian Infantry and 7 years as a cop, and a year and a half in Iraq as CPP commander, I think I am hard enough to drink whatever I want, as long as it doesnt have an umbrella and a flower in it hehehe!

                          So, back on topic. The best chai latte in perth used to be done by Tiger Tiger in a little lane off murray street (Neer wolf lane?). They would brew it with leaves in a pot for you at your table. Yes its a bit of an alternative place, but who cares if they do good brews. Unfortunately, there appears to have been an ownership change since I have been away in Africa for the last year, and now they dont do chai anymore...B*stards LOL! So I am now tryiong to find another place in the CBD that does a leaf brewed chai latte. I have been to dome and merchant and a few other 'boutique' coffee shops, and they all use that crap powder or syrup.

                          I am heading to Jean Pierre Sancho (or something like that) on Hay street to sample their chia, will update the thead on my findings



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                            UPDATE! That Jean Pierre Sancho place uses the powder, so not authentic.

                            I did find a place in Vic Park that does a traditional leaf chai latte in a pot and it is quite nice, the place is called the Imp Bar. Does a pretty good breakfast on a Sunday too.

                            ***Just saw the post earlier form ApatheticEnd LOL! I concur, Imp is good.***


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                              New age music and chai lattes?
                              Click image for larger version

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