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Youtube sound FUBAR WTF?

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  • Youtube sound FUBAR WTF?

    So I went into "funny stuff" and watched an embedded
    youtube video with no sound and I tried another, also
    no sound, checked youtube's main site, also no sound.

    So after checking every wire leading into and out of my
    speakers, confirming that sound is working on my PC
    by playing an .mp3 and a video from my hard drive I am
    left stumpped. And no, hitting the speakers didn't help.

    It's only affecting youtube, viddler etc. streamed videos

    Any techies out there got a clue what I may have done?
    It was working fine yesterday, an Adobe update is the
    only thing I can remember doing today if that helps.

    Should I hit the speakers harder?

    I'm using FireFox 3.5.2 on windblows XP PRO SP3
    and have a soundblaster 5.1 card.

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    Crisis averted,

    somehow, and I seriously have no f'n idea how my
    PC decided to change audio options on its own and
    was trying to play sound out of the modem port.