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  • Painathlon

    Anyone else here compete yesterday?

    I got a call up to do the full event in a two man team on Friday. Haven't run in 6 months, and cycle twice a week (max 70km on any ride). To say I'm hurting is an understatement but what an experience. 120km on the bike and 50 odd km of the hardest run legs in Perth (27km for me). Had an absolute ball despite the pain and really enjoyed my first endurance competition.

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    Bravo mate. I was out at Jacob's when the leaders were coming through.

    'Pain' - indeed!


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      You know what they say....

      "no pain..... sounds good to me!"


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        The leaders of these type of events are superhuman...and I genuinely mean it. The mental toughness would have to be borderline insanity. It's one thing to finish, but the speed and ruthlessness in which they perfom is just mind boggling.

        I've never competed in any form of endurance event or dual sport event before...can definately say I'll be doing more in the future. Hopefully I'll get to prepare next time...haha


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          a good mate of mine came third. he is a machine... he doesnt get sore from physical activity very often but he was seriously stiff yesterday to give you an idea of what he is like, he rode to my wedding a few months ago... in margaret river. took him about 9 hours. hes also ridden across australia twice by himself.
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            Its on again.

            Anyone stupid enough to be doing this again this year?

            I'm in for the half individual this year. Battling some annoying injuries so my base fitness is shit to say the least. (excuses excuses already).

            Such a good day...get involved guys.

            Welcome to

            All proceeds to Variety WA.