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  • Moondyne

    Just got back from a night a Moondyne retreat in the Avon Valley National Park. I must say it was a very relaxing and fun get away close to home. Anyone else stayed there?

    The rooms were functional, but no spectacular but the company (a close group of investor friends) was great, the wine flowed and the meals prepared exquisitely. The main area had a beautiful fireplace lounge, the restuarant opening onto a deck overlooking the valley. Downstairs is a games room and TV lounge with another outdoor area and pool (obviously too cold for use, but at 4am some people will do anything )

    One hightlight, and I'm annoyed I didn't have my camera, was watching the PC9's from the airbase flying through the valley, under us :o.

    Map here

    So now, with everyone getting on the 'romantic weekends away' bus, anyone got any other locations close to town?