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Battlefield 2 PC. Global Unlocks for Lan???

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  • Battlefield 2 PC. Global Unlocks for Lan???

    Oh haaaaaiiii!

    Guys what I wanna do is basically cheat on LAN. I want all the local players on my non-dedicated server to have all the fancy unlock kits using only LAN-offline accounts.

    Possible? I googled and came up empty handed since the old python hack was patched in some...uhhh... patch.

    I'm a simple fun game with bots with the 64player map mod thing. It's great but I really wanna try these global super kits I've never had.

    Anyone know how?

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    Im pretty sure there was a text file that you could edit, sorry thats all I remember - Check it!

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      Hrm, having a few friends over on Saturday - im sure with our collective nerdness we should be able to come up with something.

      BF2 rocks man - great game!


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        Sorry for off topic, but I've downloaded that mod bot but can never seem to get more then the default bots... I'm using the Australian Forces one


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          im pretty sure you download a unlocked player profile of the net, Thats what i used to do and play lan with my mates


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            No you cannot get unlocks in lan games, not all online games even allow you to get unlocks, the game must be ranked and no lan games are ranked. Editting the text file only gives you the weapons offline, not online.
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