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2 possibly related gaming/networking problems: Steam/Sony PSN

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  • 2 possibly related gaming/networking problems: Steam/Sony PSN

    Ok, the first problem has been going on a while, and I've called my ISP, Sony, and even Billion (modem manufacturer) on numerous occaisions to no avail.
    I've got my PS3 connected via Ethernet to my network and the www. The net seems to work fine, I can connect with the browser, and download updates no problem on the PS3, but I CANT connect to Playstation Network. I always get 'Connection to Playstation Network timed out' so it's not even getting as far as the password verifiacation. I've tried static IP and PortForwarding. the last thing for me to try is to get a mate around with his PS to see if it's a hardware issue.

    The other issue came up this week with Steam. trying to install it, but when I try to update I get the error message 'steam.exe (main exception): Unable to load library steam.dll' the internet reckons this is usually a firewall or internet connection issue. but it still happens after I close Panda Internet Security, and PortForward my modem.

    The only thing I haven't yet tried is replacing the modem/Router, because I don't want to spend $200 on a newwy if it's not going to help. the one I've got was inherited from a friend who moved internationally: it's a Billion BiPac 7401VGP Modem/Router.

    so, anyone got any other suggestions before I go buy a linksys?

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    We'll work on the the PSN issue first.
    What ports have you forwarded?
    Who is you're ISP
    What is your router?
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      I've got a Billion BiPAC 7404VGO and had a similar issue with the firewall that was fixed by adding the IP of the computer into the Virtual Server DMZ host list.

      If ur modem supports it you should find it under Configuration, then Virtual Server menu, DMZ host list, add your ps3's ip into there.


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        i went to there were 5 I had to fwd, I followed these steps: Port Forwarding PlayStation Network on the Billion Bipac-7401VP
        with the static IP for the playstation, but got nothing
        ISP = iinet. Naked Broadband, $79 plan

        router is Billion BiPac 7401VGP Modem/Router. as above. it's wireless, but I only use wired connections.