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Simple Sercurity Camera Set Up?

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  • Simple Sercurity Camera Set Up?

    We've had 2 letters now from our strata company about our dogs apparently barking all day when I am not home. I am finding this hard to believe and think it is a meddling neighbour who has recently moved next door.

    Can anyone suggest a simple set up that I could quickly hook up to record (with audio) my dogs movements in our backyard to prove they are not mine if it goes any further? Just needs to be a simple 1 camera job that I can just turn on and away I go as I doubt they move much during the day anyway

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    Buy a cheap and simple webcam with a microphone. There are many free programs you can download that turn your webcam into a security camera. Will constantly record or can have motion detection.

    Only drawback is you need to put your computer somewhere near where the camera is to be set up. Otherwise it cant get any cheaper or easier.



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      Dick Smith Electronics will have a very simple setup for this.

      Something wireless that'll feed into a VCR maybe.

      Failing that, a webcam, computer near the window with a lot of hard drive space and record away.
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        Most of their dedicated camera stuff is a bit exxy for her application.

        A cheap webcam with a microphone should be enough, as has been said, but get a USB extension cable and there should be no need to move your PC. Have plenty of HDD capacity though, i'd imagine a day's recording would be sizable - and not to mention quite boring to review

        Mind you, i'm not sure how far USB can be extended....
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          USB can't be extended that far

          You can get wireless webcams though - make sure you are able to encrypt the feed though unless you don't care about everyone around you able to pick up the feed.

          edit: something like this would suit for what you need [ame=""] Linksys WVC54GCA Webcam 640x480 802.11G Wireless Internet Home Monitoring Camera: Electronics[/ame]
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            Ask a neighbour on the other side?


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              our neighbors dogs bark non stop as soon as they leave the driveway, they only stop when their car pulls up again



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                I've asked the neighbour on the other side and they are home all day (Homeswest housing) and they have said my dogs don't bark. The dogs also wear a bark collar that gives them an electric shock if they do bark constantly so I am finding it a bit hard to believe they are barking all day long especially after living in strata complexes for 5 years including the last which was a no dog complex (we were allowed due to purchasing the property before it was changed) and never having a complaint.

                Plus the 2nd complaint came in just after the week Bart spent at home so if they were barking all day long he would of heard them himself.

                I'm not very techy and with Bart away I just really want something simple that I can plug in and then later remove a memory stick or something when I get home to view their movements. Not too fussed on price but just needs to be something easy for me to turn on and walk away


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                  dick smith will be a one stop shop 4 your needs
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                    Hey BB - you have sufficient anecdote and supporting evidence to refute the claims - why bother recording anything?

                    Write to the Strata Manager and state what you have mentioned here, including collar devices and neighbours supporting statement. Problem solved, surely?

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                      i cant help with the vid stuff
                      in the event your dogs are barking/getting distressed when youre not home/home etc
                      bart coming and going may be causing some separation anxiety
                      I have found Jan Fennell "The dog listener" methods very interesting i am reading the book and training regime i came across through my course at tafe


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                        I've already written a letter stating they wear bark collars (which weren't cheap!), Bart was home the previous week, the other neighbour says they aren't barking and that I have lived in this place for a year with no complaints and it's odd I get 2 straight away. I also requested that they follow the councils complaint process which is 3 people keeping a diary from a minimum of 2 residences.

                        I just want to know I'm right and that I have something to back me up in future if it goes further


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                          Oh, strata laws. Something I know well.

                          Firstly, whats the status of pets in your complex? usually pets are not allowed in strata but most complex's vote and change that by law. The usual clause put in place then by most managers is pets allowed unless they cause a problem which your neighbour is probably trying to do. If new owners don't like the pets allowed clase already in place, they usually go about "de petting" the complex using dirty tricks.

                          Your doing the right thing so far. If you can get neighbours/councillors to state that the dogs are not barking then the strata has to write to the complainee (spelling?) and ask then to support their complaint or the complaint is stricken from record as unsubstantiated.

                          New owner has probably moved in wanting no pets allowed in complex (don't have a pet themselves) and are going about getting rid of the neighbours dog by hook & crook. Go by the book and have their claims thrown back into their faces.


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                            Originally posted by Audible View Post
                            New owner has probably moved in wanting no pets allowed in complex (don't have a pet themselves) and are going about getting rid of the neighbours dog by hook & crook. Go by the book and have their claims thrown back into their faces.
                            +1 this was my first thought too.

                            Or it might not even be something official. It might have been that previously the complex has turned a blind eye to pets, but now someone is kicking up a fuss.


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                              Yep pets are allowed. I think they are just trying to cause a nuscience as were the youngest in the complex. The neighbours already had a run in with Bart in May. The first letter sent stated that dogs were allowed.

                              I'm trying to do the right thing which is why i'd like to have something recording them for my own piece of mind. They are 2 fat, old pugs. There isn't much barking they can do!