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EOI. . . PSB Tri-colour pages

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  • EOI. . . PSB Tri-colour pages

    So pretty much what the title states

    We have a quite a large number of people on here, with varied skillzzz, know how and goodies they can sell.

    So unless one exists (I did a quick search, nothing stuck out)

    I propose to start the PSB Tri-colour pages, where by you post or PM
    your business, skill or particular area of know how, and i'll chuck em all on a spread sheet to update once a week/fortnight . . (and someone more technical than I can help me make a web link of some sort)
    these afformentioned skillz etc can be exchanged for legal tender in the form of $$ or beer, obvisouly if its a business, dollars will be the order, if you're offering general know how, then beer. . . or $$. . .whatever

    basically the point is, its not just for business's, but a general knowledge base of people willing to lend a hand, offer some advice or give a discount to fellow members for their trade/business/know how (in the spirit of things, you'll need a PSB key ring for your discount)
    theres always threads asking for tradies and 'does anyone here have a business for. . .' 'does anyone know how to. . . 'so lets put them all in one easy to find place

    anyway, post feed back below, if the powers that control our PSB world allow it, i personally think this would be a pretty handy tool for everyone

    Honest opinions peeps, again only EOI


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    They had network neighbourhood or something similar a while ago. Don't know what happened to it though.

    edit -

    Originally posted by brougham
    Basically, small stuff goes in FS forum.

    Business purchase a Corporate Sponsorship and advertise in Shop Stuff forum.
    from here


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      I'd suggest you send a pm to one of the staff or moderators before running with this, otherwise you will get on the wrong side of the owners of the forum......
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        You're a mod here. Can he send it to you?
        Please, call me Flash...


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          He can indeed.....
          Sponsored by:

          Billetta Imports, Motorcycle Panel & Paint, Pirelli, YAMALUBE


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            sounds like a awesome idea to me!
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              sounds like a good idea


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                Pm sent


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                  As mentioned above there used to be a network neighbourhood but really thats been replaced by the corporate sponsor program.

                  Me thinks you'll only get permission to make a non business/paid up sponsor based directory.