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Problem with downloading movies

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  • Problem with downloading movies

    Hi Guys,

    Sometimes when i download movies the Audio is out of synch with the Video.

    If I am watching on the PC that isnt a problem as I can just use time shift, but is there any solution I can use if I want to burn the files onto a DVD?
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    Are they just regular xvid/avi type files?

    If so, give this one a go:
    VirtualDubMod Homepage

    It's a little old but I still use it for any DVD rips I have that need a bit of work.


    Added a bit of info and some pics (because everybody loves pics).

    Open the movie in vdubmod, go stream list (screen 1), right click on the stream so you can choose interleaving (screen 2) then increase/decrease the amount of delay you need (screen 3). After that, save the file but choose direct stream copy instead of full processing mode in the save options (screen 4).

    Once it's saved you can burn it how you normally would.
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      Ta for that.

      I'll give it a crack
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        erm, you mean you have a problem with your legitimately purchased digital media? We don't condone piracy around here, unless it's the rum/wench/yarrr type
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