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  • Eye-Fi Pro feedback?

    I'm hitting some issues with shooting tethered. Issues of compatibility between hardware, OS, drivers and media performance.

    One possible solution looks to be the Eye-Fi Pro. It's a 4GB SD card which I can shove into my camera and take photos with. Except that, when it sees a photo has been written to it, it will upload (via its teeny weeny internal WiFi rig) the photo to my ad-hoc wireless networked happy times eeePc with the Asus flavoured Xandros O/S.

    Hell yeah, this looks too good to be true, which is why I'm asking for some feedback. Anyone played with them or done some decent research? The Pro is a pretty new model and (I believe) the first version to upload RAW files and allow ad-hoc WiFi connection.
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    That is so freaking awesome its not funny.

    Instant backup sweet


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      I'm one of the co-founders of Eye-Fi, so yes, I'm a bit biased :-)

      Well, full disclosure -- I don't race bikes because last time I was on the race track, I flipped my car. So today, I keep all 4 wheels on the ground, away from the track.

      But back on topic -- yes the Pro card DOES work, just like any of our other cards. It's true that the Pro adds ad-hoc and RAW, which is new, but the underlying Wi-Fi technology hasn't changed, so it's as solid as our other cards, which require a router.

      The Wi-Fi range will depend on the type of camera you have, and how good of a router you have. If you have a great router -- you'll have awesome range. If you have an older router, you may get less range. But it'll still work.

      You can find tons of honest reviews online:

      Eye-Fi announces the Eye-Fi Pro (Ad Hoc support!) and Selective Transfer

      Eye-Fi Pro Wireless SD Card Review - Eye-fi pro - Gizmodo

      Eye-Fi Pro wireless SD card hands-on

      Eye-Fi Pro Sends Photos to Computer Over Ad Hoc Wi-Fi, No Router or Hotspot Needed

      Feel free to ask more questions.

      Leave 2 wheels on the ground :-)



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        That looks like a great alternative to Canon's wifi attachment!

        Can you make it secure so people can't pinch your photo's?


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          Yup, we support WEP64, WEP128, WPA and WPA2 (TKIP or AES, or both). So yes, all the common home-based encryption algorithms.



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            So when you bringing out a Compact Flash model?


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              good point.

              hey simon - isn't the 1DmkII a CF card same as the rest of the EOS-D lineup?


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                Good stuff.

                On CF -- all I can say is -- stay tuned. Please sign up to our mailing list, through the site, to stay current.

                Most of Canon's pro or prosumer gear has 2 slots -- SD and CF. The latest Nikon D300s does the same.

                Canon's XSi, XS and the new T1i that shoots high-def movies are all SD.

                Nikon's D40, D40x, D50, D60, D80, D90, D3000, D5000, D300s are all SD based.

                The latest 3 SONY DSLR's are SD based.




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                  Yep, Brougham - I get both in the 1ds.

                  Pisser about the whole delete-as-you-go thing, I'll bet your developers have blood encrusted brick outlined scars across their faces from bashing their heads against the wall with that - and for the continued abuse they're copping from the user base about it.

                  Mmmkay - question - if I just want to configure the card to use ad-hoc locally and put it on my own computer (linuxy) in a directory of my choosing, I guess I'm going to be using the perl script that's kicking around at the moment. Is there any way of configuring the card locally via some kind of text file or http style protocol? For when I want to change something and haven't got access to your servers?
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                    The config will need to happen through the web interface. Sorry... That's the only thing that exists to consumers...