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pc or mac laptop?

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  • pc or mac laptop?

    Hey guys, im faced with yet another dilemma which can be solved by the wisdom of psb.
    so im getting a laptop, for reasons other than porn, facebook the obvious, I need a laptop which will be best for DJing.

    So far i understand a PC will be better specd for your dollar performance wise, and you can 'back up' your programs and all that otherwise expensive stuff,

    and a mac has the reliability, the look and the general easy to work with interface, and seems to be more widely shown in the clubs and DJ industry than the PC counterpart.

    So i ask, which should i get?

    cheers guys and girls
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    What applications are you intending on running?
    What interface/s?
    Most people will chime in and say Apple...
    A windoh's machine with plenty of RAM and a good midi card/sound card gets you started - but really, start with your preference in software.

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      My brother is a muso and says that a lot of people in the industry all use Macs
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        If it's for music, Mac for sure. Just make sure you upgrade the RAM and it'll run anything you throw at it. No drivers required for any USB devices and with the upcoming Snow Leopard people have reported HUGE decreases in CPU usage with most of the main music applications.

        I run a MBP 07 model (Core2Duo) w/ 4GB ram and it hasn't skipped a beat. Even a base model Macbook will run every music app easily so there's no need to go a Pro model unless you want the larger screen size.
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          Can't comment on music software, but can offer my opinion regards to general reliability. I have been running a 15" MBP Unibody for the past 8 months, had absolutely zero issues. Love it.


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            If your going for digital DJing then yeah a mac with ableton, I've been using PC my whole life but will be upgrading to mac as soon as I can afford it
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              I got a $1800 17 inch PC laptop here and it runs CS3 Photoshop, illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver and also use it to edit my HDV video footage on it plus even 1920/1080 30p footage from the Canon D5 M11. It will play the raw Canon D5 video clips full screen no wories. Comes with twin inbuilt drives and a dedicated 512 meg graphics card and has not missed a beat. It would handle simple music software pretty easy.


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                macbook pro 15". ive never looked back.
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                  IMO, absolutely no question about it. Mac's are the better choice in every way, even in the cost argument. The only time you might be better of with a PC, is if you work in a team where the de facto standard is Windows. But even then, you can run Windows on a Mac very easily.

                  (Long time mac user speaking (15yrs+), although I did spend 5 years using PCs too, so I know whereof I speak.)
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                    My 15" MBP has been running flawlessly for 3 years.


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                      Further to that, my Clevo has been running flawlessly for 5 years.

                      I would seriously recommend Dell, Asus or Clevo over Apple in this context.
                      Despite what everyone seems to be saying, they are no better reliability wise than a well designed PC laptop. Quite a bit worse in fact(however they do seem to be getting better).

                      For example, please compare these two machines:

                      Configure - Apple Store (Australia)


                      I'll just highlight the differences.

                      Quad core vs Dual core

                      1920 x 1080 vs 1440 x 900

                      2 x 320GB HD(7200 rpm) vs 320 GB HD(5400 rpm)

                      HDMI output vs mini displayport

                      Nvidia 260M GTX with 1GB memory vs Nvidia 9400M + 9600M GT with 256 MB memory(Absolutely no contest here, the mac may as well not even have a graphics card if you're even contemplating the latest games).

                      A whole bunch or extra shit vs nothing apart from the machine and power adapter


                      2 years vs 1 year

                      Vista home premium 64 bit vs OS X Leopard


                      $3075 delivered vs $3200 deilvered


                      Computer vs Fashion accessory

                      To my mind, there is absolutely no way someone should get away with being able to sell a machine of such inferior specification for such an exorbitant price, but that's just me. Some people like the look and will pay for it.

                      There are very few application packages available for the mac that are not available for the PC, especially in the realm of music creation. That is essentially a null argument. But it does seem to pop up a lot where macs are involved.

                      I used to support several mac design houses that ran the adobe creative suite. They were convinced that the macs were faster for design work despite the fact that it ran in rosetta for 8 months. I mentioned it several times, but they responded aggressively. It just seemed built in to them that the mac must be better.

                      Who am I to correct someone's beliefs when they are based in faith not fact, so I let it go. If you must have a Mac, go for it, they look beautiful. If you want a computer, get the Asus, a Clevo or a Dell.

                      Edit: Do you know what software you want to run or was that part of the question?

                      If it's content generation, there are things like Reason(Mac and PC). If it's just mixing you want to do, Traktor Pro is a great app(Mac and PC).

                      Edit2: The reason why you see the mac in clubs being used by DJ's is due to the simple fact that they subscribe to apple culture. It looks the part and that is 90% the battle in the world of DJ-ing.
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                        I'm currently waiting for my new Macbook Pro 17 inch to arrive. I'm in a similar situation to the OP as i use my PC primarily for music production and DJing (Behringer BCD2000), but it's getting rather old in the tooth and a bit unreliable, plus i need the portability. I've had a good look around at Windows lappys and tried Windows 7 on a new machine i built for work, but i then borrowed an iMac for a week and loved it!

                        When comparing say a MB Pro 15inch to a similar priced Dell XPS studio the Dell beats it on spec, but the build quality is shit compared to the Mac, and if i'm going mobile with it i'll be wanting something that is robust and not plastic fantastic. The MBPro feels far more solid, plus i wouldn't trust Windows not to crash in the middle of a set, which wouldn't look good.

                        What i've decided to do is run Windows XP on a Bootcamp partition for music production, simply because i can't afford to pay for another heap of software that will run on MacOs. When using the music software i'll boot into Windows for the stability, but i'll be using the Mac side as the primary os most of the time with Vware Fusion 2 to access the Windows side if i need something quickly. As for the DJing side of things, i'll be looking for a Mac program simply becasue i'd trust MacOs to be more reliable and less flakey for live performance unlike my current Windows machine.

                        Currently there are some good Ebay sellers selling Macbooks a hell of a lot cheaper than Apple Australia, like this guy here for example: eBay Australia Store ? electronic king inc: Search results for.

                        It'll be A US model but the 1 year warranties are valid worldwide and you can always buy another PSU with an Aus plug. Plus you can get the 3 year Apple Care extended warranty MUCH cheaper on ebay and it's valid worldwide no mater what country you buy it from.

                        EDIT: Just to point out, i use a Toshiba Dual Core lappy for work and it's the slowest and most crash-prone hunk of shit i've ever had the misfortune to use. Even my ancient AMD 3000+ home desktop runs rings around it, so i'm hoping the Mac will be a much better experience, and if it's anything like the iMac i borrowed it certainly will be!

                        Also, whatever lappy you decide to get, for pro audio recording don't ffs use the onboard sound card. Buy a USB external audio interface, the quality/signal to noise ratio/latency will be way better than what comes as standard on any laptop, Mac or PC. Even this at around $70 gets great reviews and i can vouch for it as i use one
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                          Don't skimp on a sound card (ie. Behringer UCA202/FCA202). Get a decent one from the get go. I run a PreSonus Firebox I bought second hand for $350 and it's great.
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                            I know i already gave my opinion, but coming from someone who uses a laptop about 14 hours a day every day (just look at my post times for proof)...

                            I also support and use both macs and windows pcs and laptops on a daily basis in my capacity as an IT nerd. It wasn't until my trusty fujitsu ground to a halt that I considered a new laptop and my wife bought herself a new mac. I spent about a week thinking about it, whether i should get something wholesale or pay retail for a mac and after seeing a good deal at jb hifi i took the plunge and got a mid-spec macbook pro 15".

                            With the ability to load windows on it and linux if I wanted, I now have the ultimate 3 in 1 machine with all the built in stuff like web cam, usb, firewire, dvi video out, etc, plus software that i can use to edit video footage and burn dvd's.

                            I swapped out the HDD for a bigger one and doubled the RAM to spec it to the higher macbook pro's on offer and like I said before, i haven't looked back. Just stuff like the illuminated keyboard and magnet powercord make shit soooo much easier and safer.
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                              love my macbook.
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