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  • Originally posted by Daytona View Post
    Started training about two months ago for another crack at the Avon Descent.

    A bit of a milestone this year as I will turn 60 years young next month!

    The regime has been a one hour session in the (home) gym each weekday morning before work. Added to this are three sessions a week in the kayak (two after work during the week and a longer paddle on the weekend) with the distance paddled steadily increasing each week.

    Now you might think that doing 8 fairly solid sessions a week, you could lose a few kilos.

    I am 75Kg and was hoping to get to around 70kg (just a few less kilos to lug down the valley this year), but 2 months in and I have only lost around 1Kg!

    Time to look at some diet changes as well!!!!
    You may be replacing fat with muscle. Get a body fat test done.
    Originally posted by Desmo
    Why be a cunt about it?