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need tech help to screw da man

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  • need tech help to screw da man

    da man has blocked JJJ at work (online streaming)
    i can surf the site but wont let the online radio jigga make with the music

    i know there's a way around it, but have no idea how or where to start looking

    tech'ies please assist ^_^

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    Spend $20 on a radio, instead of needlessly leeching your employers interwebs
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      Originally posted by barfridge View Post
      Spend $20 on a radio, instead of needlessly leeching your employers interwebs
      agreed. saves the IT guy getting complaints from the other staff as to why the network is slow.
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        You could try and beat it, be discovered and then have to explain why you purposely breached the acceptable use policy....
        Feed 'em to the pigs, Errol....


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          a $10 clock radio from cashies?



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            I'd say you'd need top spend more than $10-20, as others might not want to listen to your music and some places don't allow them anyways


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              Put up with the 94.5 your co-workers prefer?
              Originally posted by Desmo
              Why be a cunt about it?


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                Originally posted by Commander Keen View Post
                Put up with the 94.5 your co-workers prefer?
                Better than having to put up with JJJ


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                  Originally posted by barfridge View Post
                  Spend $20 on a radio, instead of needlessly leeching your employers interwebs


                  As an admin, i know that I would still see spikes in my bandwidth graphs whatever method you use to circumvent what I may have done to block streaming.

                  So you won't be off the radar.

                  All you're doing by circumventing my network policy is giving me/the company grounds for employment termination for fucking with the corporate network, leeching bandwidth that is provided and paid for to enable business activity, and creating work for IT.

                  Its pretty hard to claim you didn't know you were doing anything wrong when you've gone out of your way to get around any access controls IT have put in place - it shows deliberate intent...

                  Buy a fucking radio or an ipod.
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                    Buy any other music player than an Ipod

                    Almost all of them have radio as well


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                      lol so i got a radio. . . i only really wanted it coz the policy was put in place the day i was working back stupidly late, so just to fill in the 5 hours from 5 - 10

                      to be fair, our IT . . . lacking, it took them 3 months to 'find' a dude downloading, games, movies music via torrents
                      didnt think my little 56kbps (or what ever it is) streaming for a couple hours would deeply offend any one, in an off peak period.

                      but i have a radio now, all the admins out there can take a sigh of relief


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                        Business plans don't generally have an off-peak quota - they usually only operate 8 - 5, so an anytime quota is in effect.


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                          Internet radio streaming takes about 30meg an hour, so take that into account too GSXRossi. It does add up.
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                   it running as java/javascript/w.e you call it? Go tools, options, then poke around in there. I know on firefox you can disable java, flash, everything, so maybe they just disabled it.
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                              Wolfy i have nothing against you but please don't post in tech threads offering advice when you obviously don't know anything about the subjects. thanks
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