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    I need to buy a pushbike to assist in my being less of a fatass. Last time I bought a pushie was maybe 8 years ago? It lasted 2 days in Forrestfield before well, you remember that stupid webpage and such .

    I wanta bike that i can ride to work (15-20kk roughly round trip) eventually, and i don't care if it has eleventybillion gears, or if it uses old shoe rubber to brake. I just want something solid, reliable and preferably, not overly expensive.

    Any recommendations? And if not, any reliable forums/bike shops that might be worth visiting?


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    I ride a $450 malvern Star, it has 21 gears and the click change system, not the old one you have to force with every ounce of strength you have just to make one change. It has disk brakes on the front and back and a very comfortable gel saddle that isn't so soft it becomes uncomfortable. i haven't come off it yet so it is still in good condition, it is very light but also very strong and even with the mountain bike tyres it could do the 15k's easy, though it might be a good idea to replace the tyres with more road oriented ones.

    Overall, cheap and good quality bike.
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      Giant Upland SE.

      Good shit.
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        Originally posted by Gixxerguy View Post
        I ride a $450 malvern Star.....
        Where'd you get it from?


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          Get a Giant... i worked in a bicycle shop for about 2 years and we mainly dealt with giants... if you want something to just to ride around a river or park or something... go for a giant boulder... around 400ish buks has all the stuff u would need... disc brakes front nd rear... 21gears... 70mm travel suspension and that will pretty much set ya for good...

          personally i would suggest going for a flat bar road bike... just cause they are easier to ride around on and it makes it a bit more fun then a standard mountain bike imo but for a decent one you would be looking to start around the 800buk mark... so yea... all depends on how much you spend...


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            Try here:

            Bikeforce Australia

            Lots of dealers around.

            If you want something cheap, try K-mart - you can pick up an 18+ speed mens mountain bike for about $120. I had one of those cheapies for 3 years and never had a problem with it.
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              Given the distance your riding, round trip, you'd get away with a mountian bike. Depending on if your looking at perhaps further rides in the future i'd suggest a hybrid (thinner tires = less resistance).
              Mate owns Cycle Centre in East Perth (Hay Street, opposite the Mint). Should do you a good deal and theres always beer in the back fridge!
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                Where'd you get it from?
                That bicycle place in Freo opposite Toys'R Us or Toyworld or whatever it is, next to the Harbour Theatre.
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                do people around you constantly wear their palm on their face?
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                  My bro manages The Bicycle Entrepreneur in Nedlands. If you're in the market for a new bike make a selection from the confection and I'll make sure you get the red carpet.


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                    I have a Giant Rincon and a Raleigh TRI 6000, both very good value for money.

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                      I know you said you don't care about fancy stuff, but I think whatever you get, aluminium frame and shimano components are worth paying for.

                      If you're doing no offroad whatsoever, a set of hard slick tyres will make commuting faster and easier.

                      I ride a Kona cindercone, does the job for me.


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                        That distance every day would best be done on a roadbike but they aren't for everyone. A flatbar commuter is slower but much more comfortable. Once you ride a roadbike everything else is shit slow.

                        Just go try a few bikes in your pricerange of a few different types. Just go to a knowledgable bike shop and get fitted properly. It will make a big difference in how much you enjoy the ride. i like Bike Force in Cannington or South Perth.
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                          Buy second hand maybe...

                          I bought a $2,300 bike for $1,000. Was in as new condition.


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                          Let me know if you can't access it.
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                            When i was shopping, I found the Malvern star stuff offered good bang for buck stuff in the lower price stuff.
                            I ended up going for a Giant perigee as it suited my needs better.
                            Otherwise look at 2nd hand stuff if you know what your looking for.
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                              I've got a Giant Boulder SE or whatever it is... its good fun for thrashing through parks, over kerbs, drunk home, etc etc... but not fast enough for commuting and I got sick of it too quickly

                              ...but if you are looking at commuting, maybe get a single speed flat bar road bike or something?
                              Single speed, so maintenance is easy and there are no gears and extra sprockets to wear = cheap!