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FREE security for Vista?

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  • FREE security for Vista?

    OK so I got myself a new pooter, but the Symantec software work give me doesn't run on Vista yet
    Can anyone recommend anything decent?

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    AVG has always been good to me

    AVG Free - Download Free Antivirus and Antispyware for Windows 7, Vista and XP
    For LAMS information and resources -
    For LAMS discussion and to ask questions -


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      1. Don't EVER use Symantec AV!!
      2. DO use Avast or AVG. (or Comodo)



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        Originally posted by D'Artagnan View Post
        1. Don't EVER use Symantec AV!!
        2. DO use Avast or AVG. (or Comodo)


        Been very good to me!!




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          +1 for Avast.

          Or OS-X
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            Another +1 for Avast. I thought Norton was doing a good jopb for ages..then i tried Avast and realised everything Norton had been missing.
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              Download - Personal (PSI) - Vulnerability Scanning -

              Sweet program for automatically checking programs for weaknesses/missing patches/etc and providing a link to update the programs. Free, so worth installing.

              ZoneAlarm by Check Point - Award winning PC Protection, Antivirus, Firewall, Anti-Spyware, Identity Protection, and much more.

              ZoneAlarm Basic Firewall is what your looking for. It will automatically replace that piece of shit firewall windows provides, and will auto block all internet use until you choose to accept or deny internet access. Make sure you read what program is trying to access the internet so you dont accidentally block it :p After 5-10 mins you wont have to do it until you update your programs.

              Avast! is good aswell, link already posted. Just run a scan once per week and you'll be fine.

              HijackThis is another good program, does a quick scan of everything that is running, but you need to know atleast something about computers to use it. It will list good and bad things.

              |MG| HijackThis 1.99.1 Download (mirror fr hijackthis)

              Malwarebytes is another good program you can use, it's easy to use, and looks for malware, i.e. viruses, etc.


              Blocking Unwanted Parasites with a Hosts File

              Probably the single best thing i ever installed, it basically stops all the advertisers domains from being connected, so it saves you bandwidth($$$) and makes pages load faster. Just click download, then follow the prompts. Once it has told you it is installed/updated, just delete it or if you have an external harddrive/usb stick all your anti-virus stuff on it for future use.

              I have avast, secunia and zonealarm running full time, malwarebytes is there for quick use if i dont want to wait 2-3 hours for avast to scan, and hijackthis is good for a quick reference.

              Before i leave, i will leave this little gold mine here;


              If you have a problem, ask them. They are happy to help and know their shit. They saved my ass once, and i've never had to go back because i updated all my antivirus

              EDIT:Im not 100% sure if they all work for Vista, but they work for Windows XP SP2/SP3. And their all free.
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                Unplug the blue cable.


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                  Originally posted by cocksnogger4 View Post
                  Unplug the blue cable.
                  Wireless ftw :p


                  For tweaking your computer to run faster, better, etc. Good if you have a small CPU(less then 2GHz, like mine ).
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                  Success is nothing more then taking advantage of an opportunity.


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                    AVG used to be good.

                    avast! is where its at. Runs fine on Windows 7 too, and leaves you the fuck alone unless there is something sinister to report.
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                      Symantec is a virus.
                      Go and download the nortons software removal tool and get rid of any crap made by them off your computer.

                      Then go and download the FREE Free Antivirus for Windows - Open source GPL virus scanner


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                        free: avast
                        Paid: norton 2009
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