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3G Wireless in Lappys

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  • 3G Wireless in Lappys

    Who has it. We have Vodafone and I am having nothing but problems with it. Drop outs. No Signal. Cant connect. Might be making the dreaded move to Telstra.

    How do you guys find it?

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    we have just bought virgin 3g wireless broadband for our home computer and its great we are on all day most days. We do get the odd drop out but i put that down to the mobil phone. i dont know about useing it in a laptop but i know there are dead spots (behind hills, or in some city buildings.) where the signal wont reach.
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      Try get a higher gain external aerial if you can - I found that wireless broadband became almost unusable without near full reception when using my phone as a modem.


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        Using a Telstra 3G turbocard right now to write this. No problems at all. No drop outs, unsure of connectivity up North myself but others have been happy with it.

        We have a few hundred of them, works out at about $100 a month.
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          Ditto, I'm using a Telstra wireless connection in Kalbarri at the moment. No probs. Work pays for it so I can't comment on price though.


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            Will depend on where you are and what towers your carrier has in the area.

            Telstra has the best coverage.

            As mentioned, high gain antennas are available which may help. I know telstra will supply them if required (i.e., you call them up and say my signal is shit and they can look at their coverage map and work out what is appropriate).

            The other telcos may differ.
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              i use ..THREE 3..150 bucks gets 12 gig over 365 days.. i got a vodaphone 3g usb stick
              that i wiped off the vodaphone firmware/software...and got the manufacturers software will work with any carriers sim.goes great..i use it all over the cbd
              and home......there are times when the network gets congested and things slow down
              but overall works great..sometimes you have to move around a lil bit to get the best
              connection/speed tho..

              ive got a telstra pcmcia hsdpa 7.2 card aswell..but havnt been able to get it unlocked..
              i used it at the packsaddle village and it got good 3g speeds with a work sim..
              but no longer have that access to use