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How to get into civil or semi / road train work?

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  • How to get into civil or semi / road train work?

    I have 2 trades, electrician, and toolmaker and machinist, so I'm no dummy. I'm very mechanically minded and have excellent hand-eye co-ordination. Have worked at mine sites and power stations in construction as an electrician, currently working in construction as an electrician at Pluto LNG. I've also got my ewp, forkhoist, and HC licences. I am going to see about getting my MC licence on my next r&r at Keen Bros in Perth.

    I used to drive trucks in NZ ( have NZ B-double licence ) and really enjoyed it, but it was always as a second job at the weekends, but it didn't pay enough that I could do it full time. I spend lots of the day now watching the civil guys on their excavators, bobcats, and trucks etc, thinking yeah I want to do that. I also look at every semi and road train that brings materials to site, and think yeah I've got to get into that. BTW do they have truck shows in Perth? I used to go to truck shows in NZ.

    I've always liked machinery, and have always loved driving anything, anywhere, anytime. Driving comes easy to me, I've got very good hand-eye co-ordination, and I never tire of it. I used to drive intercity / linehaul in NZ ( not quite like driving Perth to Melbourne though!! ) and I never got bored of it, I would have done it for ever but it didn't pay enough and I couldn't afford to do it full time. Also used to drive big forkhoists in NZ ( 20T ) moving machinery and other big stuff.

    I don't have that much experience in big trucks though, biggest truck I drove was a 2003 DAF CF75 synchromesh 16 speed splitter 6x2 flatdeck ( didn't have a trailer licence back then - that truck was really nice, I loved driving that and was really sad to have to leave that job, even though it was carting offal, calf skins, leather pelts etc to fish factory, meatworks, tannery etc ), and none in civil machinery ( save for 10 minutes in a small excavator at a show - had to pick up a coke bottle on a bucket tooth and put it in a standing-up milk bottle, I got it in first time - that was choice ), hence everywhere I try says not enough experience sorry.

    So does anyone have any suggestions / contacts as to how I can get into the civil or linehaul / roadtrain game? Before anyone says go and get excavator / roller / something else tickets first, I don't have the time or money to go and get all the tickets first and then hope I can get job. I know I am most likely not going to be able to get straight into the big stuff, that I will have to start in the small stuff and prove myself and work my way up, that's cool. I am single, young ( 32 ) and fit, and like the camp / on the road lifestyle, and am quite happy being by myself ( can handle a lonely lifestyle, I'm not a party boy! Don't drink, don't smoke. ). I know this will also pay less than what I am doing now, but I am bored to tears of putting up hundreds of metres of cable tray for months, then pulling thousands of metres of cables for months. The money is good, but that's about it, and I'd rather earn a bit less but enjoy doing it.

    PS: If you've got a K104B Aerodyne, pretty please can I have a go? They are the bomb