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paypal refund-- item on hold???

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  • paypal refund-- item on hold???

    A seller has decided to refund thru paypal on an item that was not delivered/lost ; however the seller cannot as the item is on "hold" comes up on screen preventing the transaction. I did lodge a dipute claim thru paypal prior to her trying to refund. Would this be the cause of the "hold" issue and how to fix?

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    I've always done ok when things have gone pear shaped through paypal. If in doubt ring them up.
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      If I'm thinking right the seller needs to log onto their paypal and remove the restriction and re-send it. I could be wrong though
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        Give paypal Au a call on 1800 073 263 (6am to 10pm monday to saturday AEST)
        They will ask for phone number registered to your account etc. If you login to your paypal account, then go to Contact Us, you can also verify yourself using the secure web PIN.

        Funds is on hold, most likely means you have initiated a dispute on Paypal and paypal has temporarily hold the funds on the seller's paypal account and in this case, the seller cannot refund the transaction. The seller can however follow up the dispute, and allow money to be refunded that way.